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Chapter- Thirty

The next few weeks were boring. I couldn't contact Zoe because I had no phone.

There was no news of Vitale.

It felt like Maria and I were the only people present.

Whenever I try to ask Maria about Vitale, I stopped myself.

Who was Vitale to me anyways?

Yes, I did have feelings for him. But I had no idea what our relation was. I don't even know if he liked me.

Considering the fact that he doesn't much like people, I highly doubt that he would like me.

The fact that he can stand me was enough.

But what about the kisses? What about everything he had done for you?

It meant everything to me, I had to agree.

The butterflies and he just gives me the whole damn zoo.

But I can't say the same about him.

I just wished that he could be more open to me. I still had to know more about him

There was so many things that I needed to know about him.

I needed to know his past, his childhood, his dreams and just everything about him.

I want to look at his childhood pictures and laugh.

But that was not possible. He was Vitale. With him, every normal things was impossible.

In his idea of fun he probably kills people.

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