Chris Brown:I miss him! (You)

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I walk into the house hoping Chris was home , he had been gone for like a week. I missed his touch like crazy. The way he rubbed his hands down my sides and across my stomach , talk about seduction . I walked up stairs and hop in the shower water steaming hot , I had been stressed lately . With Chris being gone and in the studio all the time , that left a lot of time to wonder .

I get out the shower dry off slide on Chris’s shirt . While you were in the room cleaning up I hear a car door. I ignore it trying to not excite myself . Focusing on what I doing I don’t hear the door close or the footsteps. I bend over picking cloths up , when I feel his hand rub across my hips . I get weak but turn around.

Chris pulls you close grabbing your ass and smiling . “ Baby , You missed me ?” I smile at him rubbing up his shirt I nod my head. He looks at me with lust and hunger in his eyes and starts to kiss my neck . Biting my lip I let out a soft moan , enjoying every moment and sensation of his touch. He pushes me against the wall getting rougher . By then my legs were around his waist and he was going inside me , I let out a gasp I never get use to that. He goes deeper and deeper pulling him closer my moans get louder , he speeds up making my moans turn into screams. I scream for harder and deeper . “ Fuck chris !!!” He went even faster .

I start digging into his back , “ Ch— chr.— fuck !!!” I cum so hard I can’t even feel my legs. He lays on the bed with me “ Y/N , You feel better now ?” I look over at him breathless and laugh . He kisses my neck “ Ready for round 2 ?” I get on top of him and start kissing his neck. Damn I love this boy.

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