Chapter 72

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A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Here's another chapter.

Hailie had fallen asleep reading the notebook while waiting on Eli to finish talking with the Captain and Kendra. She wondered why she'd been feeling so sleepy and then remembered that she'd been up for most of the night with Eli, which was also why her arm was tied down.

She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the hammock.

"Hungry?" Gordon asked.

"Not yet," she said.

She slipped her feet into her shoes and bent down to tie the laces. The notebook slid off her lap and landed on the floor. She still hadn't figured out why it was so important, and she'd dreamed of squiggles and doodles and weird pictures the entire time. After a few minutes of futile effort she gave up.

"I would help but my hands are covered in cornmeal," Gordon said, looking a little regretful.

"It is fine," Hailie said. She shoved the laces into her shoes.

"They're going to fall out and trip you," a new voice said.

She looked up. "Justin, you're up already?" Hailie asked. The bandage on his head was gone and he looked a little better now, though his movements were a bit slow.

"It's evening now," Gordon said. "You slept through lunch."


Justin handed her the notebook and bent down to tie her shoelaces. "How long are they going to keep you tied up like that?" he asked, nodding to her arm.

Hailie rolled her eyes. "Celeste said at least two weeks. I will humor her for two days and then cut it off."

"Don't say that too loud," Gordon said.

"I think she already knows that that's her plan," Justin said.

"How are you liking it on the ship?" Hailie asked.

"They are surprisingly civilized for pirates," Justin said.

Hailie leaned closer. "You should not insult the person in charge of the food."

"Gordon you're not done yet?" Kendra walked into the room and fell into one of the chairs. Justin's hands froze. After a pause he continued. Hailie glanced at Kendra. Was he afraid of her?

"You should've come down for lunch. Wait until I'm done," Gordon said.

"Some of us have to make sure this ship doesn't sink."

"Isn't that your carpenter's job?" Justin asked. He finished and slowly stood up.

Kendra tilted her head towards him. "One man cannot handle an entire ship by himself."

"If he organized himself properly he could," Justin said. He didn't stand like a man who was afraid, and his voice didn't sound so either. "Even accidents can be factored in."

Kendra nodded. "To a point maybe, but tell me Justin, how you plan to handle a ten foot plank of wood by yourself and hammer it down, while holding it at the same time."

He nodded. "Good point."

Hailie thought that was common sense but he was a soldier.

"Shen is a skilled carpenter but he can't do everything alone." Kendra turned to Hailie. "He wants you to meet him in his workshop. Something about the new vest." Hailie nodded. "Justin, sit down." She pushed the chair next to her. "We need to talk about something." Kendra glanced at Gordon.

"Don't mind me. I couldn't care less about what you have to talk about. Hailie, fish or beef?" Gordon asked.

"What about the canned chicken you bought?"

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