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Calum had finally messaged me back on my verified Twitter. It wasn't a surprise to me that he did unannounced following sprees, or that he was messaging fans back. I guess in this case, I'm a fan. I'm a fan of myself, of a body that I used to live in but no longer do. I'm now concealed underneath Calum Hood and it seems great. It seems great being this hot and everything but it isn't me. I'm Michael Clifford, lead singer of Life In Motion, and I've somehow lost my sense of reality and familiarity with my music. I remember one tune and one tune only. Jet Black Heart. It was always one of my favorites.


I don't know how you're tweeting off of my account, but please don't do it again.


Calum, it's Michael. We somehow switched lives.. It's crazy.. I know.. But I need my life back. I'm sure you miss yours.


I don't know what you're talking about. I'm Michael. Please don't make me consult the police for impersonation.

I gave up after that. Calum was pretending to be somebody that he wasn't, but so was I. I knew that I had to do something about it. I had to take matters into my own hands and finally get my life and my band back. He's probably ruined every relationship I've ever had once and for all. And I haven't made a single one here. They're all just bland and fake because I'm not him and I don't know how to be him.

I called out to his mother, or in this case mine, though I still can't see her as that. She isn't Karen Clifford -- the one who gave birth to me. No, she's Joy Hood, and I'm not her son. I'm just another person living in her sons body and it doesn't make any sense. It never really did. "Mum, mum!"

"I'm talking to Mr. Peters. Says he's the best therapist in town."

I furrowed my eyebrows and leaned against the stairwell. She was out of her mind if she thought she needed a therapist. Joy was almost as sane as a bird, and I'm not even sure about how birds actually are outside of what the media portrays. "Why are you talking to the best therapist in town?"

"You've -- you've had some odd changes in your behavior lately. Specifically, you don't seem like yourself. Mr. Peters can fix that."

The man with blonde hair and brown eyes smiled. "That's right. Best in town. Here's my card. Give me a call whenever you feel like you're about to fall." Lame. He should really learn to stop talking. I'm a celebrity. "So you're a therapist, yet you look like you just murdered someone."

"I'm also an actor. Can't always look like a king, now can I?"

I guess not. "You can look however you please."

Mr. Peters placed his card on the table and left without another word. Joy was looking at me like I was supposed to consider this offer. There was nothing wrong with me. Nothing blatant. I was just. . different, not who I want to be. I'm not really Calum, and Calum isn't really me. We're two worlds apart and I need to find my way back to him so that I can find my way back to myself. I need to truly be Michael again.

"I need a favor from you."

"And that is?"

"A plane ticket and a concert ticket to see Life In Motion. It has to be Meet & Greet as well."

Joy rolled her eyes and sat her purse down on the table. "Does it look like I'm made of money?"

"Well no, but--"

"Ask your sister," said Joy with a sigh. "She's the one who has her own radio show. Maybe she can get you what you're asking for."

"Mum," I frowned. This needs to happen. "You know this band means everything to me."

"I do."

"And you want me to be happy, right?"

Joy smiled, lips in a tight, almost uncomfortable line. "I do."

"Then please find a way to get me these tickets. I need to meet Michael before it's too late."

I can't be stuck inside of Calum Hood's body forever. According to the Internet, time is limited when it comes to things like this. Though I really shouldn't believe it. I trust Freaky Friday. Maybe a fortune cookie will give me my life back. "I'll see what I can do, but only if you consider going to at least one therapy session."

"Do you think I'm insane?"

"Mentally, yes. Physically, no. You're just a little. . out of it lately, and I need you to find yourself again. Mr. Peters can cure you."

Can he cure the fact that I'm not your fucking son? "I just -- I'm not crazy. A lot of the things that are happening right now are unexplainable. I don't expect you to understand."

Joy sat down so she could take a load off of her feet and her shoulders. "Try to help me understand?"

"Well for starters, my real name is Michael Gordon Clifford, and I am not your son."




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