Chapter 3

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Harper ate her piece of cake as she joked with her family. Her family contains of her older sister, Meryl Day, who was crazy but good at art, her younger brother, Anthony Day, who was quiet, composed, and rocked at mixing music, and her dad, Marco Day, who was a lawyer much to how much her mother didn't like it.

"So, did Malcolm get you anything for your birthday?" Meryl asked elbowing her younger sister, Harper glanced at her before poking her cake.

"No, he was so busy talking about his latest girlfriend that he forgot it was my birthday." There was silence before the whole family yelled a loud.

"What!?" Harper was taken aback as her family members complained about Malcolm.

"I never like him anyways." Her sister said crossing her arms and grunting, Anthony tapped at his phone screen harshly, her dad clenched his fists as he had been waiting his whole life since his daughter meet Malcolm for the two to get together. Harper raised an eyebrow and looked back at her cake before getting up and throwing it away.

"I'm going to sleep, I have school tomorrow." She explained walking up the stairs to her room and shutting the door softly.

Malcolm looked at Harper intently as Stevie slowly came towards them.

"Hey....... guys." He said, Harper smiled at him but the bags under her eyes showed that she was really tired, Malcolm grunted.

"Hey, Stevie, how's your day going?" Harper asked, Stevie opened his mouth to reply when Malcolm beat him to it.

"Can we talked about me for a second," He says, Harper sighs as her fists tighten and she tries to calm herself, Stevie notices this and glances back at Malcolm, "Ronda is sending so many mixed signals, I don't get her!" He yelled, Stevie nodded.

"Let's.... talk.... about.... this..... later," He said before turning to Harper who had fallen asleep, Stevie shook her causing her to wake up and look at him, "Are... you.... okay?" He asked, Harper opened her mouth to respond.

"Who cares, my problem is more important!" Malcolm yells, Harper stood up causing her chair to go flying backwards.

"You know what Malcolm?"

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