Part 15 No Turning Back

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I HEAD OUT THE FRONT OF WATT PLAZA with nothing but my purse and a fractured ego.

Security opens the glass door, politely nods and smiles.

I take a deep breath, suck back the tears as they pile up behind my eyes and try to act as if the worse thing in the world didn't just happen. My journey into self-deprecation becomes unexpectedly interrupted at the sight of Modeus in the circular valet straddling a custom motorcycle. He's wearing Ray-Ban Aviator Glasses, a sexy white t-shirt and looking at me with a grin from ear to ear.

I flip my hair behind my shoulders and walk towards him smiling. "How are you able to be out here without being attacked? What happened to all the crazy women?"

"I had Steve lead them away."


"I could tell it may have been an issue for you, but see?" He gestures to the lack of craziness around him. "All gone."

"There were quite a few of them here. Steve is good."

Modeus laughs. "To say the least."

I take a moment to stare at his bike with fancy skulls, fire and black water drops dripping off the chrome and I am not the only one.

The suits coming out through the glass doors gawk at the bike like it's porn.

Modeus pays no mind and instead stares at me like some romantic movie hero. "You need a lift?"

"You're crazy if you think I'm getting on that death contraption."

"Death contraption?" Modeus rubs his hand down on the plush leather alligator green seat. "This here is Harley's finest. I would never let anything happen to you. I promise."

"I have my car here."

"What happens if you get it tomorrow?"

"What do you mean tomorrow?"

Modeus tilts his head down and looks over his Aviator glasses with his deep brown eyes. "Why don't you get on the back and find out."

His charming smile is irresistible, but I am not sure I want to risk my life on a motorcycle. "I don't know."

He hands me a helmet. "You want to hang out and get to know me better?"

I realize I need to tell him that I was fired so I grab the helmet. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," he says.

That's just what I need right now—more surprises. I fumble a bit but manage to secure the helmet on my head. "Is it the club Steve mentioned?"

"No. You're not ready for that yet. I have another place in mind. Let me check your strap."

His fingers are warm underneath my chin as he leans in to examine my work. Our eyes meet and for a moment, I stop breathing.

"You're all set. You did a good job," he says.

I smile and quietly exhale.

Modeus turns around puts on his helmet and fires up Harley's finest. Holy shit!

I put my purse in front of me, wrap my arms around his warm body and hold on for dear life.

The engine is loud and attention-grabbing as we fly out of Century City with all eyes on us. I may have made a sheepish exit from the building after being fired, but my exit away from the small city of wealth is just the opposite.

As the wind hits my face with an unfamiliar smack, it dawns on me that I have never been on the back of a motorcycle and that's odd considering Freddy used to ride them professionally. Oh, God. Push him down, girl. Push him down. I tighten my grip around Modeus' waist, let go of my fear and engage the beauty that surrounds me. The journey is picturesque with houses and hotels, surfers and ocean passing by.

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