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The house was small, and the neighborhood was quiet. The yard was trashed as if it hasn't been taken care of for a while. Looking around, Mikasa noticed that other houses around were the same. Taking a breath, she walked up to the door, knocking lightly.

There was a crash, and the sound of a television being played too loudly. She took a step back, getting ready for anything that came at her. After a sharp click and a struggled grunt, the door opened all the way till it hit the wall, and a small boy was standing there. He was wearing a baggy shirt and he had shaggy brown locks that were close to covering his eyes. What caught her the most was his vibrant green eyes and rosy cheeks.

Mikasa's eyes lit up and she crouched, feeling her cheeks burn. "What is your name?" He was way too cute to be related to the rude man she spoke to.

"Big brother told me not to talk to strangers." He pouted, but was still eyeing her like she was fascinating.

She shook her head, smiling. "I'm the woman your brother talked to yesterday. Did he tell you I was coming over?" If that was the case, why was he opening the door anyways?

The boy grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house, closing the door and locking it. "Brother isn't here. You'll have to wait for him." He stared at her for a moment, then smiled. "I'm Eren. What's your name?"

"Mikasa. I heard a noise earlier, is everything alright?" Now that she was looking around, the house looked clean and tidy, unlike she had imagined. Wondering into the kitchen, she found broken glass all over the floor, and looked back at Eren. "Eren, go play, I'll come find you in a moment." The boy nodded and hurried away, and she began cleaning up the mess.

The kitchen wasn't so big, but she was able to find things easily, like the trash can and a dustpan. Picking up the bigger chucks, she tossed them in the bag and then swept up the smaller pieces, careful to get them all for Eren's sake.

It was just her luck to have to clean before meeting the man that hired her. Standing, she was shoved against the wall, a fist holding her shirt. Taking deep breaths against the light pain in her shoulder, she glanced down at the man holding her. He was shorter than her, with short black hair and harsh hooded eyes that glared at her underneath the hood of his jacket.

"The fuck you doing?" The man spat, his voice low and hand tugging on her shirt.

He was much ruder in person. "I'm the babysitter." She decided to act calm, hoping he'd do the same.

"No shit. No one else comes around here."

Now she was getting furious. "Watch it shorty. I'm only here to watch the kid. Are we going to settle this like adults or children?" The man pulled her forward and shoved her back against the wall. He looked as if he was really going to kill her. "If you weren't so short, I'd be a little intimidated. Too bad."

"Levi, what are you and Mikasa doing? Mikasa said she would play with me." Eren walked over, peeking his head from behind the wall with curious eyes.

It was the cutest look, that she almost forgot about the man and her eyes lit up. "I'll be there, Eren. Levi," she glared at the man quickly. "and I were just talking." The child nodded and disappeared. Mikasa shoved Levi away, walking into the next room and sitting against the couch next to the child.

She instantly took a liking to him, his chubby cheeks and big green eyes. She couldn't help the heat rushing to her face, wanting to pinch his cheeks and just cuddle him. Eren stared up at her, head leaning to the side. His tiny hand reached out and touched a spot on her cheek, catching her off guard.

Levi made his way into the room, dropping down onto the chair. "Where did you get this scar?" Eren spoke, moving her attention back to him.

"Oh, this? I got it when my boyfriend and I..." She stopped. That sounded strange, and she wasn't comfortable with it. Saying it out loud was weird. Eren's eyes widened and Levi's eyes narrowed, like he was thinking something. "I mean, a friend of mine and I got into a car accident a while back." The two relaxed and she looked between them. "You two look like you were expecting me to say something else."

The man looked away, but Eren crawled into her lap, staring at her. "Levi told me that some guys beat their girlfriends, and told me to never do that, or he'd wipe my ass."

Mikasa covered his mouth quickly, shocked and horrified. "How could you teach him language like that? And that's disturbing to no end."

"It's whip. I'd whip your ass." Levi growled, looking agitated and annoyed.

Eren ignored him. "You have a boyfriend?"

"Yes." She was seriously afraid what this man had thought him.

"Do you love him?" Eren questioned, startling her.

Her mouth opened in an attempt to speak, but nothing came out. Why would he ask something like that? She did love him, but why was it so hard to say. Yeah, he's weird, but they've been together for a while now.

Levi stood up, pulling the boy from her lap. "Eren, it's time for a bath. I just wanted you to meet her, but she'll come by tomorrow." He shot her a stern look, to which she glared. "Bye bye, woman."

"Bye Mikasa! Come play tomorrow." Eren was set on the floor, waving at her as he ran up to steps to the second floor.

Mikasa waved back, pulling out her phone and walking to the front door. Ignoring Levi, she answered the ringing device, placing it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Oh no, your voice doesn't sound very good." Jean. He always had amazing timing with his calls. She walked off the porch onto the sidewalk. "Was it a scam? Do I need to kick his ass?"

Rolling her eyes, she stopped. "No, it was fine. Eren is cute."

"Hey, don't say that. I'll get jealous. Then what about the older brother guy?"

At his question, she turned her head back to the house. Levi was standing on the porch, his arms crossed and eyes watching her. She only had one word to describe him, and it was the way she felt. He kept changing his mind and was giving her mixed signals whether he was a good person or not. "Strange."

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