Chapter 36

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Ivy's P.O.V
The wedding was so fun and me and Daveed were packing for our honeymoon. We were going to The Bahamas and Trinidad. We would be gone for 2 weeks. Renee was keeping the twins and house sitting for us.
"Are you excited to go back to Trinidad?" Daveed asked me.
"Yh. I guess. It has been 5 years." I say sitting on the bed. I hear one of the twins cry I get up to see which it is. It is Dakoda. I took her up but she still cried.
"Let me have her." Daveed said taking her. She stopped crying.
"She is such a daddy's girl." I said. He laughed at me. I walked downstairs to make something to eat. When I was done, I walked back upstairs to find Daveed asleep with Dakoda on top of him. I laughed and took a picture. I put it on my twitter with the caption "when you can't sleep because she cries all night." I laughed again as I hit post because I new Daveed would be upset when he woke up. I got my laptop and went into the guest room, not wanting to wake them, and checked our resavations.

Our plane left at 6 and it was now 3. I got David out of his crib and played with him. I gave him a bath and got him ready for when Renee came. I sat him in his bouncer while I packed him and his sister a bag. I went into my room to see if Dakoda was awake. Her and Daveed were awake and talking.
"What are you guys talking about?" I asked.
"I am just laying down some rules for when I am gone." Daveed said. I laughed at him.
"OK will you get her ready. Renee will be here soon." I said handing him her things. He took the things and carried her to first bathroom.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it.
"Hey Renee." I said.
"Hey Ivy." She said coming inside.
"Daveed is getting Dakoda ready. David is upstairs." I said. She followed me upstairs to David's room. She played with him while I went to the bathroom in my room to get ready.

I come out in jeans, my favorite pink shirt, my leather jacket and combat boots.
"You look good." Daveed said. I smiled at him. He had on a shirt with about 3 different patterns, jeans, Nike tennis, an Oakland hat and his leather jacket like mine.
"Can't you find a shirt with one pattern on it?" I asked fixing my hair in a bun.
"I love this shirt. And plus you told you like this shirt on me." He said pouting his lip. I laughed.
"Your right I love it on you. Let's go." I said looking at the clock that said 5. I grabbed a bag and Daveed grabbed 2. We kissed the twins and I gave Renee the house key.
We took an uber to the airport and checked in. We got onto the plan and took our sets. I sat close to the window and Daveed sat closer to the hall. I looked over across from us to see a girl who was about 15 with a 'A. Ham' hat and a Hamilton fitted shirt. She looked like she had cancer because she had no hair and had a tube running into her nose. I tapped Daveed so he would notice her. He smiled at me and tapped the half asleep girl.
"Hi. I couldn't help but notice your shirt and hat." Daveed said. Her eyes grew wide.
"Oh my God! Your Daveed Diggs and Ivy Peterman!! Dad look its the stars from Hamilton!" She said waking the man next to her. The plane was now taking off.
"Oh my god I can't believe you guys are actually on this plan with me. We just watch your show last week." She said.
"What's your name?" I said.
"Annabelle! Me and my friends love Hamilton!" She said.
"Aww thank you. " I said.
"Yh and your kids are adorable. I follow you on Twitter and Instagram." She said.
"Would Yh like a picture?" I asked her.
"Yes!!!" She squealed. We took the picture.
"Would you sign my hat please?" She asked.
"Sure" Daveed said taking it. We both signed it and handed it back to her. She smiled and put it back on.
"Thank! I can't wait to tell me freinds!" She said sitting back in her seat.

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