Chapter 35

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Daveed's P.O.V
I couldn't believe I was married. I was actually married! Ivy looked wonderful. We were at the reception and ivy had on a different dress. I don't know how she paid for them both and I wasn't about to ask her. She let her curls fall down her back and changed her jewelry. I could tell it was all the work of Pippa and Renee. Renee took the mike to make her toast.
"To the groom....." She sang. We all laugh knowing it was the toast from the beginning of Satisfied.
"To the groom!" We all shouted.
"To Ivy!" She said.
" I never thought I would see the day, when Ivy got married and had kids. I remember when I first met Ivy. She stole my hair clip." The crowd laughed.
"Ivy is such a quiet girl, until you meet her. I thought she never would build up enough courage to talk to a guy. Well luckily she found Daveed who talked to her first. To my little sister from another mister." Renee said. I looked at Ivy. She was a high shade of red from blushing. Anthony took the mike.
"OK now I am not good at these things, so I didn't prepare anything. So I just want to say, I can't believe Daveed got married. I thought I would never see the day. I mean honestly no one saw this coming! I wish you both a happy life together." He said sitting. Music started playing. I looked at Ivy.
"Would you like to dance my wife?" I asked. She smiled.
"I would love to!" She said taking my hand. We walked out to the dance floor and began to dance.
"Can you believe it! We're married!" I said. She laughed.
"I know. I can't wait to see what the next few years will bring." She said.
"They will be wonderful as long as I have you." I said. She smiled and kissed me. Something caught the corner of my eye. Nicole and Darren. What where they doing here. Ivy must have noticed my face.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Nicole and Darren are here."
"I know I invited them." The song ended. We walked back to our table.
"To make peace with them. We are adults. We should be able to handle this." She said. I didn't say anything. Because she was right. She always is. I saw Anthony get up. It was time.
"Ok so as many of you guys know my beautiful girlfriend is now pregnant. So I just want to make our life compete.". He walked over to Jaz and got down on one knee and pulled out a ring that I helped him chose.
"Jasmine Cephas Jones, will you marry me?" She asked.
"Yes! Yes! Of course I will marry you!" She said. He slid the ring on her finger and stood up and kissed her.
Ivy's P.O.V
We had tons of in tonight. It was about 10 and almost everyone was drunk. Darren came over to me.
"Can we talk?" He asked.
"Sure." I said. We walked outside.
"Congrats. On...... Everything." He said.
"Thank you."
"It is nice to see you happy." He said. I smiled.
"Why did you call me out here?" I said.
"I never told you sorry for hurting back in Trinidad." He said. I rolled my eyes as a recalled the event.

"I love you Darren. I really do and your the first boy I ever told that to." I said turning red.
"I love you too." He said. He kissed me. I was so happy when I was with him he was my first everything. My first crush, my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first time, and now my first I love you. The bell rang.
"I will see you after class OK." He said.
"OK." I said. He walked away. I grabbed a few things out of my locker and walked down the hall. I stopped and turned around. Realizing the other way was a shorter route. I stopped when I saw it. I couldn't believe it. The boy who just told me he loved me, making out with my sister.
"Darren, Sage?" I said ready go cry.
"Ivy, w-what are you doing here?" Sage asked.
"You liar. You said you loved me." I said walking away with tears on my face.

"I am completely over it." I said. I hate opening old wounds.
"Come on Ivy." He said pulling me by my waist.
"Stop." I said pulling form his grip.
"You are making me feel guilty." He said. That was it.
"Good. You should feel guilty. You were my first everything. And you just went behind my back with my sister. You are the reason I hated dating. Yo are the reason I can't say I love you. But you don't matter any more. Because this is my wedding and there is a man in there who treats my way better than you ever did and he will always be twice the man you will ever be. Because when he messes up he doesn't wait 7 years to walk back in your life and try to make things better." I said. I was glad I said it. I walked back inside and left him outside thinking about what I just said.

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