Chapter 32

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Ivy's P.O.V
The wedding was in a tomorrow and the twins were 3 months. Daveed was currently filming with Black-ish which is awsome! I was putting the finishing touches on the wedding but I was a nervous wreck. We had a lot of fun the night before but now I was running around doing everything. Daveed's mom offered to keep the twins. Sage went to the airport to pick up my dress that was 2 months late because Mathew couldn't find it. I kept in touch with Darren but Daveed doesn't know that and I want to keep it that way. I was packing a few things because I was staying at Renée's house tonight. They believe in that thing if the groom sees the bride 24 hours before the wedding it is bad luck.
"Daveed can you help me with this?" I ask him.
"I thought you were only going till the wedding." He said grabbing my bag.
"I am." I said following him down the stairs.
"This is the dumbest rule I have ever heard of." Daveed said pulling me by my waist.
"I know but it is fun to see you all upset about it." I said. He made a straight face at me.
"I am kidding. You know I love you. " I said kissing him. He pulled me closer to him and didn't let go. He held on to me and didn't let go. Just then I heard a car horn.
"Save it for the honeymoon." Sage said.
"This is how Davids and Dakodas are made." Renee said. I laughed at her. Daveed helped me put my bags in the car and kissed me one last time. I got in the car and we drove of.
"Sage did you get the dress?" I asked.
"Yes we picked up both of your dresses." She said. I pulled out my phone to see if I was forgetting anything.
"The flowers! Please tell me you got my flowers?"
"Yes Ivy we got the flowers." Renee said. I sat back and thought.
"Oh shit! My Vail." I said.
"In the box next to you." Sage said. I opened the box and looked at the headpiece. It was beautiful.

"What didn't you guys get?" I asked

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"What didn't you guys get?" I asked.
"Whatever we didn't get, Vanessa and Jaz got it." Renee said. We pulled up to a fancy hotel.
"Really you guys. You really are spending too much money." I said getting out of the car.
"Yh, Yh, whatever. You keep saying that." Renee said.

*a couple hours later*

"Guys do you see it!" Pippa said standing in the mirror with her shirt up. She was about 3 months pregnant.
"No pip this is a baby bump. " Jaz said showing off her baby bump that was a bit bigger. I laughed at the two. They both crawled back into bed. Just then I heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" I said I got up and walked to the door with my hair half straighten. I opened the door.
"Mathew? What are you doing here?" I said hugging him. The last time I saw him he was 19. Sage came to the door.
"Matt?" She said.
"Hey Sage. I missed you I have been a mess since you left. I just had to come see you." He said. She hugged and kissed him.
"I missed you too." She said.
"Those guys need there own room." Jaz said. They left to talk things over and I sat in the chair and continued getting my hair straighten.

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