Chapter 30

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Ivy's P.O.V
It was only 2 months till the wedding and the twins are getting huge. I walked into the coffee shop near the theater. I ordered my coffee when I heard someone call my name.
"Ivy?" I turned around and saw my ex boyfriend from Trinidad.
"Darren?" I said hugging him.
"What are you doing hear?" I asked.
"Work. It is nice seeing you, I hear you are doing big things for yourself." He said. I laughed and got my coffee.
"I guess you can say that."
"Yh I heard your on Broadway."
"Yh Hamilton. Maybe you can come see it some time."
"Yh. I also ran into to your sister. She told me you were in the the hospital having twins? But I didn't believe her. I still don't believe her. You look amazing." I laughed and blushed a little.
"Yh I had twins a boy and a girl. I am actually getting married in a few months." I wish I didn't say that. His whole facial expression changed.
"A-are you seeing anyone?" I quickly said.
"Yh. Her name is Nicole." I completely froze. But then I just quickly smiled.
"Well maybe you can bring her to the show sometime."
"Yh actually we got some tickets so, I'll see you tonight?"
"Yh." I said. I walked out the shop and back to the theater. I opened Daveed's room door. I sat on the couch.
"Were are the twins?" I asked.
"With the girls."
"Oh. OK." I said not really focusing.
"Um Daveed, you said Nicole died from the stab right?" He quickly popped up.
"Yes. Why are you asking?"
"Who told you that?"
"Her mom. Why are you asking Ivy?"
"I ran into an old friend and he said he is dating a girl named Nicole."
"An old friend."
"Yh. A guy I dated in high school. Not important."
"Yes it is important. Were did you see him?"
"Daveed it is not important."
"It is important to me!" He shouted.
"Do I need to remind you who is the one who cheated in this relationship?"
"Why did you have to bring that up?"
"Because you are getting upset for nothing!" I shouted.
"I just don't want to loose you."
"Don't Daveed. You didn't think about that when you were with Ariana."
"Ivy, please stop I hate arguing with you."
"I hate arguing with you too but you are accusing me of cheating."
"I never said that."
"You didn't have to." I said. I was upset that he was acting this way.
"OK, fine I'm sorry, its just none of us are sleeping and it is stressing out." He said.
"Your right. I am going to catch a nap before the show while the girls have the twins." I said leaving the room.

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