Chapter 28

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Ivy's P.O.V
It was Daveed's first day back to work since the the twins were born. I can't go to work yet because according to the doctor I have a 6 weeks healing period.
"I hate leaving you here alone with the twins." He said coming down stairs.
"I will be fine you have to go to work. And plus Sage is coming over."
"Are you sure because I can let Andrew fill in for me."
"No Daveed go to work!" I said.
"OK fine. I'm leaving." He said. He kissed me and the twins and left. I sat on the couch.
"OK guys it is just you and me so no tricks. Especially you, Dakoda." She laughed at me. Just then I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and Sam and Mason ran in.
"Well hello to you guys too." I said.
"Hi aunt Ivy."they said in unison. Me and Sage laughed at them. She came inside and took up David.
"So how have you been?" She asked me.
"I am fine. The real question is how are you doing?" I asked her.
"What do you mean?"
"What is going on between you and Matthew?" She took a beep breath.
"Honestly, I don't know I think we just need some time apart." She said.
"I completely understand. Are you still staying in the hotel?"
"No. Pippa arranged some space for me and the boys. She said she was lonely in her apartment." I laughed knowing that is something Pippa would say.
"So when do we start planning this wedding?" She asked.
"Actually I already started." I said.
"Really? What are you thinking?"
"Purple roses."
"Sounds awsome. My wedding was blue."
"Do you still have Mom's wedding dress?" I asked
"Yh. Why?"
"I was thinking about wearing it."
"Really that sounds like a great idea."

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