Chapter 25

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Christmas Eve
Ivy's P.O.V
Daveed, Renee, Leslie, and Lin were in my room. The doctor said I might be able to have a natural birth because my contractions were getting closer. I didn't sleep well last night and I was hoping the twins would hurry up and just come. Renee told me she was in labor with her son for 36hours, I was already pass 24 hours and I was ready to rip them out myself.
"How you feel babe?" Daveed ask.
"Like hell. The usual." He smiled at me. He rubbed his hand over my stomach and I saw his eyes fill up with tears.
"What's wrong?" I asked him.
"Thank you. Thank you for giving me a family Ivy." He said he knelt down by the bed and put his head on my stomach.
"Hey guys, um this is dad, will you do me a favor and hurry up get out of there. Mom's in a lot of pain and plus you have a whole family waiting out here for you. You think in there is good, wait till you get out here. You guys will come here and just.... Just blow us all away." My eyes filled with tears. I could only smile at him. He got up.
"I guess that didn't work." He said.
"Don't worry they will come around." I said.
"You guys are going to make me cry." Lin said.
Daveed's P.O.V
I was exhausted. I mean I know I was not the one carrying the babies but it has been a long day. I was just starting to fall asleep when Ivy called my name.
"Daveed get the doctor, the babies are coming." I ran in the hallway and shouted for a doctor. The doctors and nurses came running in the room.
"Doctor, one of the babies are crowning." A nurse said.
"OK Ivy you got lucky, you are going to have a natural birth after all." The doctor said.
"OK, Ivy I am going to need you to push." She said. A few pushes later I heard crying.
"It's a boy!" The nurse said cleaning him up and handing him to me.
"OK one more to go Ivy." The doctor said.
"I can't I am to tired." She said. She looked over at me.
"Come on Ivy." I said
"Just one more push." The doctor said. And with that I heard another cry.

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