Chapter 24

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Daveed's P.O.V
I sat in the hospital waiting room, when the doctor came out.
"How is she?"
"She can't have a natural birth."
"So what does that mean?"
"She will still need a c-section." I let out a deep breath.
"OK can I see her?"
"Sure." I followed her.
"Ivy. How are you babe?"
"This fells like hell." I laughed at her.
"I am serious. If you ever touch me again I am going to kill you." She said that a little to seriously.
"You will be fine." She smile and looked at the clock on the wall.
"Shouldn't you be at work?"
"Do you really think I would go to work at a time like this?" She smiled. I loved her smile. I loved her eyes. I loved her hair. I loved everything about her. How did I ever cheat on her.

-1 hour later-

Ivy had drifted off to sleep and I was scrolling through my twitter. Everyone was so supportive and sweet. Just the a knock was on the door. Ivy woke up.
"Is this Ivy Diggs room?" Renee said.
"Reeeeennnnnneeeeeeeeeeee!" Ivy said sitting up.
"That name has a nice ring to it." I said. They both laughed at me. Jaz and Anthony walked in.
"Hey man." I said to Anthony.
"Hey how you holding up?" He said.
"As good as I possibly can I guess." I said.
"Good to now you have it completely together." Ivy said sarcastically.
"OK guys me Anthony have some good news" Jaz said. Just then the rest of the cast walked in.
"Hello hello hello! How are you guys?" Lin said.
"Awsome." Ivy said with her thumbs up.
"Jaz was about to tell us something." I said.
"You guys I'm pregnant!" She said.
"Yey!!! 3 babies! This is amazing!" Renee said hugging her.
"Marry Christmas Eve you guys." Oak said looking at the clock.
"Marry Christmas Eve!" Everyone replied.

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