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In less than a week that the ad was posted on the internet and bulletins outside and in town, there were already a couple parents who needed a babysitter. It was such a surprise; the town was full of busy people with too many kids, which is why the babysitting business was in a high demand. Anyone would pay a good amount to leave their kids with strangers.

Mikasa had another caller on the other line, but this one kept talking a lot. The woman was trying to explain to her, the bedtimes and allergies, especially what they were allowed to do and the rules that were enforced. She wanted to tell the woman that she was supposed to tell her all this when she came over to meet them, but she wouldn't stop talking. The only other option was for her to write all of it down and make the other happy. 

"Are you listening?" The woman called.

The young girl sighed quietly and nodded. "Yes, I've got it all. I'll start as soon as you need me. Sorry, I have another caller waiting. I'll come over in a couple of days to do the meeting. Thank you for calling me, I hope I am what you are looking for in a sitter." 

Hanging up with her quickly, Mikasa hurried to click the talk button again, hoping she had caught the second caller. "Hello, you've reached Mikasa."

"Mikasa..." The distant and monotone voice of a man spoke in a questioning manner. She tilted her head, startled, but curious all the same. "Strange name. Are you the one posting babysitting flyers everywhere?"

Strange name? This man was strange, not her. "If not, I'd be concerned about how you've attained this number. Are you looking for a babysitter?"

The man scoffed, not saying anything for a while. If he wasn't looking for her service, she was hanging up. "Work for me. I need someone to watch my sibling." There was screaming in the background, a wailing child hungry for food. 

He was demanding it, and that bothered her a lot, but the noise she could hear was proof enough for her. "I need your address and when you'd like me to come by."

"I'd rather you watch him at your house."

She wanted to laugh. This man was ridiculous. "Sorry, I don't work out of my home. Address, or it's a no deal." She should also get his name.

There was a long silence, and she thought for a moment that he had left, but then his low voice came back through the phone. "Fine." 

Mikasa wrote down his address, a sudden nervousness washing over her as she recognized the street. "Now, when would you like me to come over?"

"Tomorrow. As soon as you can." 

Tomorrow? Man, was this guy rude. But if he needed her that soon, then there was nothing she could do about it. Sighing, she tapped her fingers on the table. "Alright, I'll be there. What-" There was a click and she waited. "Hello?" A long annoying tone blasted through the speaker and she pushed the phone away, sneering and slamming it on the table. "Asshole."

Leaning back in her chair, she was irritated that she agreed to work for this man, but if he wasn't going to pay good, she was going to walk away. Plus, the way he sounded, she couldn't just leave the boy there alone with that man. Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone again and dialed a number quickly. 


Smiling, she forced herself to stop and turned her chair around. "Jean, can we meet?"

"Oh no, you sound upset. What's the matter?" 

Mikasa shook her head and rubbed her foot against the cold floor. "I'll tell you when we see each other. Are you on break right now?"

Jean told her where to meet him at and that he would be there soon. They usually met up at the small cafe, it was where they first met. He had tried so hard to flirt with her, buying her coffee and stuttering over his words to talk to her. She found it cute, and they kept meeting up after that. She didn't fawn over him though, and he seemed fine with it. 

Alone again, in her quiet home, she stood up and left without another thought, that rude man from earlier already pushed to the back of her mind. She would bring him back when she was able to talk to Jean about her new situation. 

Mikasa walked slowly, knowing he was farther from the store than she was. It was cool outside, but also warm in the sunlight. She took this time to think about things, topics she never really thought through, only acted on. Her late parents left her a large sum of money, but she couldn't just sit around all day, but working wasn't really her thing. 

Babysitting was something she has always done, and it helped that she enjoyed the company of children. It was what she enjoyed doing, and it was what she was going to continue doing for a while. 


The girl lifted her head and glanced at the tall slim boy in front of her, his familiar features and goofy smile making her heart race. "Jean." 

They walked in together, leading to a table and staring at one another for a moment. A woman brought their usual orders, and Jean took his, sipping on it. "How was your day? Did you get any calls about the babysitting thing?"

Her eyes flickered down to her coffee, her fingers rubbing the paper cup. "Yeah. Though I'm nervous about one."


Looking back up, she met his eyes. "This man who called, he lives on Sye Street, on the edge of town." 

Jean almost choked, his eyes widening in shock and he started patting his chest. "Are you serious? You should decline, that side of town is dangerous, I mean it." Able to breathe again, he gave her a stern look. "Who lives on that street with a kid?"

"Well, it's not his child. I'll be watching his little brother." She sipped her coffee, the hot liquid sliding down her throat and warming her insides. 

They were silent again, and Jean looked as if he wanted to say something. "Want me to go with you?"

Mikasa shook her head. There was no way she could drag him into this mess. Giving him a reassuring smile, she placed her hand on top of his. "That would probably cause a lot of trouble. I can handle it. I'll call you if I need anything."

"I sure hope you do. But I know you; you're the strongest woman alive. Well, that I know of." Jean laughed and squeezed her hand. "Kick his ass if you need to."

She nodded, but there was a heaviness on her heart that was bothering her. What was she to do if this went bad? Of course she could handle herself, but what about the child? Tomorrow, she'd have to see exactly what this man was like, and how the boy was living just to be sure. If it was something she can't deal with, then leaving was the only option she had. 

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