Sex. You What? [ Harry Styles ]

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hm, my first fan fic, let's see what happens ;)



I'm Eloise, I'm nineteen. And yes, I'm a virgin, but I don't care. All my friends aren't, they say it hurts and I don't like getting hurt, so I practically steer clear from sex, no matter what it takes.

Tonight, was the most important nights of all to us seniors. No it's not graduation, but it's the massive house party, by the one and only Harry Styles. He always has house parties, massive ones, they're all fun, but tonight is going to be the biggest yet, everyone was going to be there and it was for our senior year, I honestly couldn't wait, but there was a catch.


I hate him with a ferice, burning passion that can't be tamed. He just annoys me and pushes all my buttons, well you know what? I want to push him off a cliff into a shark infested ocean. 

I shake those tempting thoughts out of my head and turn on my straightener.

I quickly straighten, my long dark hair in enough time to ponder over what outfit I was going to wear.


Karrie, Dani and I step into the crowded household.

This is going to be a night.

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