Chapter 7 - |Naomi|

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Naomi sat in her car in front of the grocery store, searching on the passenger side floor for the crumbled up piece of receipt paper that had Calvin's number scribbled on the back. It had fallen from the glove compartment where her wallet was and been a few weeks since her daughters birthday party where she'd met him. Since, he's crossed her mind a few times and each time she thought of using his number. But every time she would go to her car to grab it, Tavion and what he could do always stopped her dead in her tracks. Tavion was possessive and with that came his constant suspicions. She's caught him a few times going through her purse and her phone for any evidence of infidelity. She wouldn't be able to keep in contact with him even if she deeply wanted to.

With a disappointing sigh, Naomi finally finding the small paper, put it back in the glove compartment and instead grabbed her wallet and closed it. With no doubt, she thought Calvin was a down to earth and a really cool guy from what little conversation they had. For the last half of the party, all they did was hang around and talk, each curious about the other. From questions about hometowns to their kids to their current places in life.

But of course, Naomi left out the part of how she was married. She felt if meeting him was a temporary thing, he didn't need to know that detail, right? It didn't help that she wasn't wearing her ring anyways. She lost it weeks ago and was going to get fitted for another one when she got a chance.

Getting out of her car, Naomi fluffed her curls just a little and fixed her floral print blouse. Holding her purse on her wrist, she grabbed the nearest cart and entered the grocery store. Tavion became a whiney child when there wasn't any home cooked meals being made making it crystal clear how he wanted a house wife. So, Naomi had to uphold that image he had of her.

Pulling out her phone and going from aisle to aisle, she picked up the items she needed, momentarily glancing at her phone to double check her grocery list. Looking at her screen for the next one, she didn't see the cart or the person directly in front of her and collided into it.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry! I wasn't even-,"

"Well look who it is."

It was just her to luck

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It was just her to luck. To think she was never gonna see this man again. But damn, did he look good right now. To her, sweatpants and a fitted tee looked so good on men with defined muscles. And damn was he cut. It took everything in her not to undress him with her eyes.

"Hi Naomi."

Naomi backed up her cart a little. "Hey, Calvin." She said nervously. She wasn't sure how he was feeling about her not contacting him. "How have you been?"

"I'm good. I would be better if I gotten a phone call from this beautiful lady I met a few weeks ago."

Now amused, Naomi played along. With a slight smirk she said, "Oh? Maybe this woman lost your number or is just a very busy person." Both complete and utter lies.

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