Chapter 2

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"I don't wanna leave New York Lauren, let me stay here" Lucy jokingly pleaded with Lauren.

"Luce, if I have to go, then so do you" Lauren said as she went into the airport to her ride.

"I miss New York already"

"Lucy. We haven't even moved from the ground yet"

"Exactly, now imagine how much I'll miss it when we are in Miami"

"Thank you so much for behind on this trip with me, Lucy. It means a lot to have company"

"And I've been fucking great company, right?"

"Definitely" Lauren agreed as Lucy raised her eyebrows up and down as Lauren playfully pushed her away.
"Anyways, what are you going to do once we are back in Miami?"

"Probably try getting back with my ex, the trip was good for me to just take a moment and think about where I want my life to go, you know what I mean?"

"Are you sure you wanna go back with him L? I mean, I'm fine with whatever you do, as long as you're happy though"

"Yeah, I mean the sex me and him have is shit compared to when we were dating" Lucy said as she pointed between the two of them, "but, obviously we both agreed that being friends would be better than lovers"

"You have just said that, but we have had a week and a half of us having sex whenever we wanted"

"Its because you know my body Lauren, you know how to please me"

"From anyone else's perspective, they'd think that we are still girlfriends" Lauren pointed out.

"Let them think what they wanna think"

"So, no more sex between the two of us once we land in Miami?"

"Not unless we are both single and aching for eachothers touch" Lucy smirked at Lauren who rolled her eyes.

"Im going to sleep, wake me up soon"


As the fight took off, both girls fell into a deep sleep.

"Lauren, wake up!" Lucy said as she gently shook Lauren go wake her.

"Hmmm? Are we landing?" Lauren asked although she already knew the answer to that.

"Yep, we both have uber's waiting for us too"

"Where are you going"

"To see the ex and realise that although he is a dick, I miss him and whatever" after a moment of silence, Lucy continued, "I'll miss you though, I'm glad that we can remain friends"

"We'll always be friends Luce, I love you... I would say like a sister, but after the past few days, I'd rather not" Laure giggled.

"Yeah, anyways, when we go back to our separate homes, don't be a stranger, I expect visits and days out with you girl"

"Of course Lu. Maybes I'll fall in love with somebody else and we can go on double dates, that's if your ex and you actually get back together"

"Oh, he will, he misses me, no surprise though" she joked as Lauren nudged her.

The two girls then exited the plane that they were on before going to the transport pick up, after giving each other a warm friendly hug before agreeing to catch up occasionally.


Lauren sat in the uber and told the driver where her destination was, claiming she had to catch up with her friends. She thanked the driver and gave him a generous tip, mainly because he was playing good music during the car ride. Lauren stepped out of the car and walked into the building. Looking at the notice board in the entrance, Laure broke from her concentration when she heard someone speak.

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