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Pen Your Pride

Area 51???

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Fall: Alfred why is Area 51 so classified?

Russia: *slides in* we sharing secrets? I want to join, da?

America: Guys-

England: Is it true you didn't even want NASA to reveal the photos they took of it during your pesky Cold War?

France: I also heard there were aliens

America: Seriously I c-

Germany: I heard you shoot any trespassers, including your own civilians

Italy: What about weapons? What types of weapons do you test??

America: Umm

Japan: the aliens have tentacles?

Canada: I share a border with you! I wanna know!

America: Welllllll-

China: America aru, what REALLY is in Area 51?? The whole world wants to know.

Switzerland: I don't cause I don't care.

America: Uhhh well you see... erm how do I put this... *looks at wrist* OH would you look at the time I gotta go!! *runs away*

Everyone: ...

England: He doesn't even have a watch.

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