BSM Preference: you go in tour with him and you get homesick:

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I got really into writing Harry's oops.

Harry: (7):

You missed when your older brother left for tour. You always missed baking with him and how when you couldn't sleep without him singing you to sleep. He knew this so he arranged for you to come on your with him. At first when you first left with him you were happy but then you really started missing your mum and sister Gemma. One night laying on his bunk while he was with the boys you were crying because you wanted to go home. He came back to check on and heard you crying. "Y/N are you ok what is wrong love" he ask. Sniffing "I miss mummy and Gemma even robin. Can I please call them" you ask and he so he pulls you into a hug. " I have something better, he goes and gets his laptop and places it in front of you after texting Gemma. Suddenly you see "Gemma, your mum and robin on the screen "mummy! Gemma! Robin! I miss you guys". You watch as your mum leans closer to the screen "oh baby girl we miss you too. But baby you need to stay with Harry for another week then I will be there to pick you up ok" she says and you nod wiping your face. You sit and talk for another hour before you start falling asleep. But after that Skype call you felt better.

Zayn: (13):

After months and weeks of begging Zayn he finally decided to let you come on tour. It was already a mint in you were already regretting coming. You enjoyed it but you missed your mum, dad and sisters a lot. He could see you were so when they had a show close to home and had them come so you could see them. When you spotted them you ran for them hugging them all. After seeing them you knew you could survive with Zayn longer.

Niall (10):

Niall had asked you to come with him on your since it was summer an you weren't in school so you said yes. You had fun everyday with the boys but you just really missed your family for this was the longest you've been away. So after three months you told Niall of your homesickness. Of course he understood so he took you to go shopping. So when you went into a store and when you did there stood your mum and dad. You ran to them crying. Niall knew you would want to leave so he let you go back with them and promised to take you out when he got back.

Louis (15):

He knew you never went away from your family, so when he actually convinced you to join him on tour he was shocked yet happy. After a few days in he could see you were upset so he tried to distract you. You two decided to prank people. You got all the boys but you also got Josh and Paul. After the pranking was over you noticed you could actually have fun.

Liam (8):

You always went on your with Liam but that didn't mean you didn't get homesick. He would notice when you would so he would get your favorite ice cream and pig out while watching toy story with him.he knew it would always make you feel better. But having the other boys around helped to since they were sorta like your brothers to you.

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