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I get home and decide to FaceTime Cameron.
Me: hey
Cameron: hi, we need to talk
Me: about what?
Cameron: I love you so much, these past two years have been so good but *sighs*....
Me: you can tell me
Cameron: I think we should break up. I was going to wait to tell you until I got back but I just couldn't.
Me: why?
Cameron: I feel like we've drifted apart throughout these past couple of months and *sighs* I have something to tell you
Me: what is it?
Cameron: last month I went out with my mates, long story short, I got drunk, like extremely drunk, and I *sighs* jheez, this is harder than I thought *awkward laugh* I had a one night stand with this girl.
Me: wh what
Cameron: I know I should've told you when it happened but I just didn't have the courage.
Me: so we are over. After two years your just gonna end it like this?
Cameron: lou, I'm so-
Me: I don't want to hear it Cameron *ends FaceTime*

I starts breaking down into to tears, I don't remember the last time I cried this much. I grab my phone and call Maddie.
Maddie: hey
Me: *cries*
Maddie: what happened?
Me: Cameron *cries* broke up with me
Maddie: omg I'm so sorry, want me to come over with ice cream?
Me: yeah
Maddie: see yoi in ten
Me: see you then *hangs up*

I decide to go in the bath before Maddie comes over. I look like such a mess. Why would he just end a relationship like that? "I feel like we've drifted apart throughout these past couple of months" bullshit. Of course we're gonna fucking drift apart if you go on a world trip with you mates. I continue to cry some more as that's the only thing I can do right now

1 hour later
"So he just ended it like that? Harsh" Maddie said.

"Something else has happened because of course we are going to fucking drift apart if you go on a trip of the world with you fucking mates. Does he seriously think that I'm that thick?" I say

"Let's not worry about that dick anymore. How was your first day at being Mr Dolan's assistant?" She asked

"Don't even get me started on him. He is so rude, obnoxious and he is making me go to London with him for business in a month otherwise he's gonna fire me!" I say rolling my eyes.

"He sounds nice," she says with sarcasm, making me laugh slightly.

The rest of the night we watched movies, are ice cream, cried, laughed and just had fun. Even though we are 19 we act like we are 12, she's my best friend after all.

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