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"Tell us a story, Gramps," the cherubic faced little girl begged.

"Yeah, tell us a story," echoed eight other small voices. The old man looked around the campfire at the nine faces watching him in anticipation. Each autumn, they would journey here to visit and each autumn, they'd hike deep into the woods to camp for several days. If he were being honest, it was his favorite time of year. He wasn't sure how many more years he'd be able to accommodate this tradition. His body wasn't as young as it used to be. Running a hand through his white hair, he nodded at the children.

"Alright, alright. Just hold on. You know I never forget story time. Now... what story will it be this time?"

"The one about the boy and girl!"

"Yes, the boy!"

"Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather fee, fie, fo, fum?"

"No, the one with the boy and girl."

"Oh, please, Gramps." The old man smiled sadly. They chose the same story year after year.

"Fine, fine... now he did it begin," he teased.

"Once upon a time..."

"Ah yes. Now I remember. Once upon a time there was a boy..."


This short story was originally part of @rskovach 's Decameron 2.0 short story anthology *Team Tragic Love*!! Be sure to check out the other Tragic Love short stories in the anthology as well.

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