The Known Unknowns

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"When did it start?"

Charlie looked up at the ceiling. He didn't want to be there. There was no use.

"Mr. Roberts?"

"I'm not sure. It's been about a year now"

The doctor looked up in surprise. Of course he thought Charlie was crazy.

"Do you..." he started talking when Charlie just looked at him.

"My mom had Huntington's disease!" he blurted.

There really was no point for the doctor to take a history. Charlie already had a diagnosis.

"You think..."

"What else can it be? Parts of my body move on their own, I'm anxious, aggressive...It's an inherited disease, isn't it?"

"Let's continue with the history," the doctor said quietly. He was stunned. He'd treated patients with different diseases but Huntington's was a different ballpark. The outlook was already grim for Charlie.

"Of course you think I am a hypochondriac, or better yet have Munchausen's syndrome!" Charlie said, rather aggressively. It wasn't in his nature.

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