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Hiros POV

          "Ughhh..." I groaned, rolling over. Damn, Dashi must of rocked me hard... The bed feels so hard... I continued to shift, my back aching. I blinked a couple times, the light blinding me. I hissed, rubbing said eyes. I forced them open again, taking in my surroundings.

I wasn't in my bed... I was on he cafés floor!

I shot up, scrambling to my feet with a sudden boost of energy. My kids! I ran up he stairs, tripping a couple times. I leapt up two stairs at once, finally coming to me and Tadashis bed.

I shoved my husband, shaking him violently; "Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!" He groaned something incoherent, weakly shoving me away. I felt furry rise up in my chest; "Damn it Tadashi Hamada this is serious!"

"Make yourself breakfast..." He grumbled, continuing to lightly brush me off. I grabbed his arm, gathering up all my strength and pulling him onto the floor; "Our kids where kidnapped!"

"Ow!" He complained as his body made contact with the floor. He hissed a few swears, standing up and folding his arms; "What's so important?" I ground my teeth agents the inside of my cheek, fighting back a few remarks. I inhaled deeply; "Julie and Hidashi where kidnapped. I heard someone break in, so I went downstairs to check it out. He knocked me out, and got away." I sighed, my body shivering. Try to stay calm...

"Wait... Wha...?" He processed the information a bit, before his eyes shot wide; "Did you see his face?! We can have a sketch artist identify him!"

"It was the same guy that showed up in my hospital room. I'm so scared Tadashi, and he  could hurt out kids! What will we do?!" My heart rate increased and i was starting to hypervenilate.

Tadashi shook his head slowly; "There really was a man... Well, let's try and stay calm. Overreacting won't get us anywhere. Let's contact the police, and smooth this over. Everything will be okay babe, alright?" He rested his hand on my shoulder, bending down to look in my dilated eyes. I nodded slowly, feeling comfort in his words; "O-Okay... I l-love you to..."

He stood up straight, turning to the stairs. I followed slowly, and before we could go down, we heard a blood curdling scream.

A/N sorry for the ubber short chapter, it's all i can manage in my state. Promise to update soon! Don't forget to comment and vote!

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