Chapter 4

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After last night, I took everything DJ said into consideration. He was right. Just knowing he was right made me cringe. But I'm young, I don't need to be tied down right now. But you never know, the right girl may just come around and change all that. Ehh.

Out of nowhere, I heard a loud obnoxious beat on my front door. I already know who it was, so I just laughed. I opened the door to see DJ standing there with the goofiest expression on his face.

"Hey buddy," he said with the goofy grin.

"Why are you being so loud?" I asked jokingly.

"You can complain later. What are you doing tonight?" he asked still with the goofy grin.

"I was just gonna s-"

"Wrong! We're going out tonight AND I found you a nice girl. She's gonna be at the club.

He still had that goofy ass grin on his face.

"I don't really feel like going out tonight. I think I'll stay home, but have fun for me," I said.

The smile on his face disappeared and I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! So what's this girl's name?"

"Shay," he said looking at his phone.

"Alright, so are you gonna be a gentleman and pick me up?" I asked batting my eyelashes.

"Uh no," he said giving me the stank face, "you're pickin' me up!"

"Niggaaaa, how am I gonna pick you up if I don't know where we're going?" I asked laughing.

"Fine, we're leaving at 11:30."

"I'll be ready," I said.

"Cool, ima see you later."

He dapped me up and left. I walked up to my room and lied across the bed. I thought about tonight - whether it would be a success or fail.

"Shay," I whispered.

I hope she's fun. I can't afford to entertain a boring woman.

"We'll see," I thought out loud.

We'll see...

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