When devils call

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Hiros POV

         "Finally..." My husband murmured, pulling back the covers of our bed. He crawled on top of me, smirking devilishly. He rubbed his fingers gently agents my inner theigh, kissing along my neck.

I blinked blankly, gently shoving him off; "We shouldn't do this..."

"I got condoms this time." He made his award winning puppy eyes. I shook my head; "That's not it, I just... Don't feel in the mood..." He snorted; "Sense when are you 'not in the mood'?" He used air quotients. I sighed, frowning; "I saw that guy in the café today. It freaked me out, and now I got major anxiety."

"Oooh, you mean that guy that mysteriously showed up in your hospital room? And then left? How scary. Babe! You where hyped up on drugs! You where about to give birth to Julie! Chances are, he never was there, or, it was an accident, or, your seeing things." He folded his arms, rolling off me.

"He scared me Tadashi... I felt uneasy around him, and he was suspicious! I felt... Like he'd hurt me and the baby, or something. I know, that's jumping to conclusions, but still." I sat up, holding my knees to my chest.

"He probably just wanted some of Aunt Cass's amazing coffee, no big deal little bro." He tried to reassure me. I rolled my eyes; "I told you not to call me that. It's weird."

"Whys it weird?"

"Because! It's like... You where just trying to seduce me! Just, don't call me it again."

"Okay whatever... Goodnight Hiro." He leaned over, kissing my forehead before settling back down. He wrapped his warm arms around my body, holding me close. I felt better now, but still felt weird.

I slowly closed my eyes, forcing myself to sleep...


I shot up out of bed! What was that?! I swore I heard something!

I carefully wiggled out of Tadashis hold, making my way towards the kids shared crib.

They weren't there,

I panicked, my heart jumping all over the place. Where could they be?!

I sighed in relief, Aunt Cass took them for the night. I forgot... I turned, heading towards the stairs. It sounded like someone got hurt...

I took each step slowly, hoping it was just Mochi, our cat. When I got to the bottom, I didn't see Mochi, or aunt Cass, I saw my two kids.

And a stranger.

I gasped, quickly clutching my hands to my mouth, forcing myself to stay quiet. He man turned, and I recognized his face as I sank into the shadows. He was the guy from the hospital room! And he had Julie and Hidashi!

The man quietly made his way towards the cafés exit, with my two kids soundly asleep in his arms. I jumped up, running towards him and grabbing his arm; "Stop!"

He seemed surprised, and he aimed for me. He knocked me aside, and I nearly fell over. I gained my balance again, no way was he taking my darling little angels! I ran towards him again, grabbing his arms once more. I almost got Hidashi out of his hold, but he yanked him back.

I saw them starting to stir, and I noticed the panic arise in his eyes. Maybe if I got to the phone quick enough, the police could catch him. Tadashi could defiantly get him! He was still a lot stronger then me, and if I could slow this crook down, he could do a lot worse; "Just wait until I got you where I have you." I failed to threaten.

He snorted, walking back towards the kitchen. I smiled in victory; "That's right, listen to me, I'm your worst nightmare."

Instead of sitting down, or setting my kids aside, he balanced  them both on his other arm, picking something up. I raised n eyebrow; "Now what do you think your... Doing...?" I noticed it was a wooden plank, and the next part came way to quickly.

I blacked out.

A/N this chapter kinda sucks, cause I haven't been able to write lately, so it's more weird I suppose. I hope you liked it! Don't forget to comment and vote!

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