Chapter 3

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Well. It's Monday morning. Today is the day. I woke up feeling so agitated. Even though my sisters would be there with me, I was still dreading the trip because of it's initial purpose. I got out of my bed, brushed my teeth, took a shower and got dressed. I walked down to the kitchen and everyone stared at me.

"Good morning," my mom said sweetly.


They could tell I was aggrevated, so no one else said anything to me. I sat down with Darrell and ate my breakfast. I feel like we should have had a decent conversation since I wouldn' t see him for two months, but I just didn't feel like talking. When I finished eating, I got my luggage and put it in the car.

I got in the backseat, slammed the door and put in my earbuds. I didn't wanna hear anyone, I didn't wanna talk to anyone, I didn't wanna be bothered with anyone. When we finally got the airport, I got all my stuff situated and was ready to board my flight.

"Well, TRY to have fun. I'll miss you," my brother said.

"Yeah okay," I said sarcastically, "don't get in too much trouble while I'm gone."

"I won't."

I hugged him and almost cried.

"We'll miss you Bri! I hope you have fun," my mom said sincerely.

I just stared at her blankly.

"Be safe and stay out of trouble," my dad said sternly.

"Oh but of course, father," I said under my breath.

"We love you!" they said simultaneously.

"If you really loved me, I wouldn't be going to California right now," I said coldly.

Their smiles faded and my brother's eyes widened. I could tell I struck a nerve with them, but at that moment, I really didn't care. I just wanted to get on that plane, get to California and pray that the next two months fly by.

I got on the plane, but I really did feel bad for the way I talked to my parents, so I texted them:

Me: Sorry for the way I acted. I really do love you guys! ❤️

I turned my phone off and just sat in my seat. I ended up sitting next to this seemingly quiet man. He looked like a business man. Ya know, the kind that ignores everyone, everything and is always taking business calls. I appreciated his quietness. But his phone began to ring, he answered and got loud. Literally everyone stared at him. I slowly turned my head towards him and gave him the most evil glare.

"SIR!" I yelled in his direction.

He shut up for all of five seconds, but got loud again.

"Oh my fucking gawd!" I yelled.

I saw the flight attendant and the couple next to us laughing at what I just said.

This is gonna be a long ass flight.

Kill me now.

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