10: What now?

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What now?

Denise was sitting on a rock at the edge of the forest. From there she could see the whole city. It was beautiful. She could also see the sun setting behind the mountainous city.

"Is he happy?" Albai had appeared next to Denise. He did not understand how she knew it was him, or that he was there.


"I thought that the Grim Reaper was supposed to be scarier."

"I'm not scary."

"I know." Denise paused. "I thought that you'd never come back."

"I'm sorry." 

Denise glanced at the reaper with raised eyebrows. "You look different."

"I'm human now." He said and she nodded. "My name is Albai."

"Albai? That's a pretty name." She pursed her lips thoughtfully. The reaper nodded. He did not feel awkward about the situation, but they were both comfortable in each other's presence. "So, what now?" It was dark. The sun had completely set. The only light left was from the lit up city. The reaper shifted closer to Denise until he could feel her body heat. He couldn't feel her feelings anymore.

"I need to learn about my new world. I still need to find a teacher."

"Hmm," Denise made a thoughtful expression. She then looked up at Albai. "I can be your teacher." The reaper smiled.

"I'd like that."

"Albai?" He looked at her. "Do you have a surname?"

The end


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