8: Day Seven

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Day Seven

"It was not supposed to take so long. We needed to be sure."

"I understand."

"There are only a few hours left."

"I know."

The reaper had just come back from his trip from the Unknown Realm. He felt sick again. No one knew what was wrong with him. His senior wanted someone else to finish his mission for him, but the reaper had unsuspiciously declined. He had never stopped during a mission before, why start then?

The reaper reappeared in the middle of the kitchen and living room of his cottage. He was wearing his normal attire, black T-shirt and black long pants. He wore red flip-flops. He looked at the watch on the kitchen wall. There were only twenty minutes left. He looked at his phone. No missed calls or messages from Denise.

He tried to call her, but it never rung. He panicked and tried again. When she did not answer he dropped his phone and teleported to her room.

He did not notice, though, when his phone started ringing and the ID was Denise.

Her room was empty. He felt a tug within him. It was almost time. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. He let the force take him to where he was supposed to be.

When he opened his eyes, he was in a room. He saw Denise. She glanced towards him but then quickly turned away. The reaper wanted to believe that she had not noticed him, because he was supposed to be invisible, but he knew she had.

He was in an animal hospital. Denise was wearing a dark dress and black takkies. She was standing next to her mother. Her brother and father were not there. The reaper walked closer and noticed that on the table was Munchy. He was staring at Denise, who had tears rolling down her cheeks. Opposite them stood a doctor with an injection in his hand.

He frowned.

He watched the dog, that he once hated, as the doctor injected him. Denise brushed it's fur during the process. She put her hand on her mouth when the dog's eyes closed, to try to stop herself from crying. Munchy was gone.

The room, at the moment, was filled with sadness. The reaper tuned off the emotions. It was time. He stared at Denise and waited for something to happen to her. Anything. Nothing happened.

He heard a bark and looked down. The dog. Denise was not dying. The dog was. Denise suddenly stopped crying, in the arms of her mother and looked at the reaper. He bent down and picked Munchy up. Feeling happier. It was never Denise.

"Hi," he patted the dog's head. "You're going to a better place now." He looked up at Denise and she was looking up at him in shock. Her mother was panicking next to her, wondering what Denise was looking at.

"I'll come back." He said before he disappeared with Munchy wagging his tail happily.


Gosh, I killed Munchy! Forgive me readers :'(. I promise next chapter will be happier.

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