Chapter 14

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Its been a couple of days when Tsuna and the gang arrived to Italy. Reborn always woke Tsuna's fuc- *ehem* Tsuna's older brother *that I would like to torture* Vongola style every 5 in the morning, usually Tsuna would let his alarrm clock to wake him u p and to Hiro's bad luck, Hibari isn't a morning person sometimes and went to Tsuna's older brother's room to bit the living shit out of him..

As for Hayato and Takeshi they share the same room much to Gokudera's displeasure... Now back to the story, everyday Reborn always train Hiro to become a great Vongola Don his skill improved a little but his attitude didn't CHANGE at ALL..

Tsuna got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to wash himself up while he was on the bathroom Hibari walked inside his lover's room only to see that he isn't there. He sat on the coach while resting his chin on his intertwined hands, he couldn't believe that he actually fall for a herbivore who basically turned to an omnivore.

He was busy daydreaming not noticing Tsuna who come out from the bathroom all wet, he saw Hibari who is on his own little world. 'My cute Carnivore' Tsuna thought to himself while smiling a little.

He started to put his clothes on and once that his not already ass naked, he started to pack his and Hibari's stuff and put it on their luggage...


Hiro was the first one to climb aboard the plane while Tsuna and his friends we're the last one. All of them are tired cuz they need to wake up early in the morning to train.. *ehem* reborn forced them *ehem *

After 16836394638 years later they finally arrived Namichu. Hayato and Takeshi went home safely while Hiro, Reborn, Tsuna and Hiabri went back to Sawada household...

"Kaa-san! Tadaima!" Tsuna greeted his mother with a warn smile on his face
Nana-san turned around and saw his lovely baby Tsuna all grown.....up?

While his older son... still as ugly as before...

She went and hug his baby son and kissed his forehead, she also went to kiss Hiro's forehead. "Okairi nasai minna kun! Mama miss you all!" Nana exclaimed pouting a little, 'now I know where my little usagi inherited his own cuteness' a certain prefect thought.


"How are you Kaa-san? " Asked Tsuna while his older brother just sat on the chair staring boredly at his little brother and his mother having a conversation...

"Oh! I'm fine tsu-kun! Maman just got a little lonely while your away for a field trip" Nana replied back, Tsuna looked atbhis mother directly in the eyes and hug her "Gomene Kaa-san, Tsu-kun promised to never leave Kaa-san again!" Tsuna said with a little determination on his eyes and you could imagine some fluffy tales and ears on Tsuna...

"KYAAA! TSU-KUN IS SO CUTE!" Nana yelled in adoration as she gave her younger son a tight hug..

And that's what happened in the Sawada household....


I am so sorry if this is a little short!
And I apologize for not updating like I usually promise ya guys!

Please forgive me!

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