The Hurt i feel is The hurt I get

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**lyrics POV**

is been a few days Since bill kissed me like that. i Couldn't forget How soft his lips Where and his Cold tounge ring. i smile to myself but Then it Quickly Goes away when a thought drops in.he only kissed me like that because he Wanted to tease me he's just like his brother. i better not start likeing him.i think sitting in the back of the Chemistry class. The bell Rings. i head over to my locker as i do people Where Staring at me pointing whispering thing. then James bilifiored Walked up to me kind of nervous and said.

"How much?"

"How much what?" i ask

"You know....Euro." he said looking around Nervously.

"For?" i continue

"you know...What your good at."He says.

"I'm lost." i say.

"How much for a bj girlie." he whispered.

"EW im no doing That." then Kenney mistforldtion. Toms GF walks up to me and Yells.

"GET YOU POOR BROKE BEHIND AWAY FROM MY MAN!!" she practically screams. people Stop and stare.

"what?" i say confused.

"get Your own man Trick! Stop waiting mine!" i nod and Walk away to drama class. but then i Ran into Georg.

"Georg what are you doing here?" i say pulling him to the side.

"I'm here to ask you is you Giving Tom a bj true?"

"umm no i i i." i say shookin up

"Dont bother i bet you made out with bill God and i Trusted you."

"Georg i..,i didn't do..." he cut me off.

"No! i dont wanna Here it...You know what Where Done."

"Your joking right?"

"no i don't wanna here u or see you again you nasty Trick!" at that moment i Felt my heart shatter. i knew then and there i Was Worthless. i Drop my books and run and run until not even i knew where i was at. so no one Could find me, so no one could Hurt me, so no one could love me like i Deserve.

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