The Play

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**Bills POV**

its been three months since we Signed up for our Clubs. in Drama we already started Working on the play Today we Chose parts i was thinking i would get backstage person.

"Ok first Things first. the people who will be working/helping backstage are..." our Director said.

" Breya Coltin, Fax bowridguard, Tom Kaulitz." Tom Smiled and Whispered

"Yes." She contiued with the names of backstage workers.please let me be in the list i thought.

"Feild morrow,

"And Zimmmiktria lopax." she Finished. Crap she didnt call me i have some sort of part??i continued thinking. She went Throught the list of some parts Then she got to the lead parts.

"Playing mick is...bill." WHAT!!! O my god whos the lead girl plz not lyric plz not lyric plz not lyric i was thinking.

"playing Portrica is.........Lyric" then a small voice says,

"but i cant act." it was lyric, she puts her head down.

"Hun acting is something you Develop not learn." The director smiles. i walk over to her.

"well it looks like we'll be spending alot of time together." i say to her.

"Yea...just my luck." she says sarcasticly.....

"mine to." i whisper softly

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