No Such Thing

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As soon as I stepped into the room it went strangely quiet, as every head turned in my direction. Murmurs quickly filled the room

"A human!"

"She smells of rogues!"

"What's she doing here?"

Ashton comes to my side before leading me towards the huge conference table and pulling out a chair, waiting for me to take a seat before sitting himself beside me.

"Alpha River, it's been too long."

The man sitting directly in front of Ashton speaks first, extending his arm to shake hands. Ashton nods before taking his hand in a firm grip and shaking once.

"It has at that."

Retracting his arm the man then extends it to me "And who might you be, miss?"

Before I can introduce myself Ashton speaks up.

"This is, Alpha Embers; of the Burning Embers pack. She will be joining us from now on." His tone leaves no room for discussion though once again the room buzzes with quiet murmurs.

"A rogue Alpha, here at an Alphas meeting?!"

"What is Alpha River thinking?!"

"A human rogue Alpha? Is that even possible?"

"Can we really trust her?!"

"Is this some sort of joke?"

Finally, a weasely looking man at the end of the table speaks up.

"She is not welcome here, Alpha River. Surely you of all people can recognize the danger she presents!"

"On the contrary I see only benefits. As you know the Burning Embers are very powerful. An alliance with them would insure the safety of our packs; not only in no mans land but also from the rogues themselves."

Murmurs once again fill the room before the Alpha sitting across from Ashton once again reaches his arm out. "A pleasure to meet you Alpha Embers, may I be the first to welcome you, I am Alpha Jacob Lune of the Nouveau Lune pack"

Soon others followed suit and the meeting began. After many boring topics one finally caught my interest, rogues seemed to be attacking one pack in particular, a small one with barely two hundred members. They really held no importance and the location wasn't anything special, so why did the rogues keep attacking them?

Again the weasely Alpha speaks up.

"I say we simply issue a kill on sight order. With the higher stakes they'll think twice about setting one paw on the territory, let alone attacking it."

"What about the innocent, the elderly and the pups?"

He snorted incredulously "There is no such thing as innocent rogues. There's not a decent one among them."

The room grow strangely quiet as all eyes focused on the Alpha and I. Our gazes however remained locked upon one another; each refusing to back down.

"That depends on what your definition innocent and descent are. I've found that most of the time, pack wolves are neither innocent nor decent, but that doesn't mean they should be slaughtered."

He growls lowly trying to scare me into submission. Foolish mutt, does he really think I'm going to back down on this? Guess again, buddy!

Finally with tension thick as a winter mornings fog he lowers his gaze. Submitting to me, proving my status as Alpha to be higher then his own. A great honor for me and a great shame for him, submitting to a rogue, Alpha or not let alone a human is, well, it simply isn't done.

For a moment no one speaks before chatter begins once more, each Alpha giving their own opinions and suggestions. This of course leads to several fists slams and loud objections.

After another hour Ashton finally excuses us and leads me back to the truck. The drive to the border is comfortably silent, pulling over he stops the car and cuts the motor before turning to face me.

"What did you think?"

"It was different from what I expected..."

"Is that a good thing?"

"I guess so. It was definitely interesting, especially the rogues who've been attacking the Moon River pack. I feel like there's more then meets the eye, another side to the story, something we're missing. You know?"

He nods "I feel the same way. Perhaps it'd be worth taking a look into."

Nodding I step out, shutting the door behind me. "Until next time. Alpha River."

He raises an eyebrow "Really, what happened to using my first name?"

"You'll have to try harder."

Shaking his head, he chuckles "I guess I will, Alpha."

Pulling away he crosses over onto his territory and continues until the trees swallow him, protecting him from my line of vision. Turning I head back to the pack house, my head spinning with thoughts of today, of Ashton, of the Alphas meeting and of the strange attacks.

I can't wait to tell Katie all about it. I know she'll be thrilled at the progress our pack is making towards becoming an officially recognized pack.

Unknown POV

I watched, hidden in the brush as my baby girl took out another of those disgusting wolves. She has her mothers speed and agility mixed with my strength. She is a great warrior and a ferocious avenger, I know that with her guidance we finally have a chance of bringing the Moon River pack's crimes to light. Of finally giving her mother the justice she deserves. It won't be easy, it never has been but I'm sure she is capable of taking on the task.

Finishing the last one she ambles over with a board expression on her face. Stretching leisurely she sits down beside me, and begins to pick at the grass growing beside her.

"Alphas meeting was today."

"Heard there was quite a stir there, something about a rogue Alpha showing up."

"Alpha Embers. Heard they discussed Moon Rivers "rogue problem" apparently they're saying we're attacking them unprovoked."


She nods, "I heard that several of the Alphas were sceptical, which could be a good thing."

"Let's just pray they investigate enough to unearth the truth."


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