Life Goes On.. I Think Part 32

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(This better work this time.)

After several hours, I had to edit this chapter after I went and read through it and saw too many discrepancies that I had to do something. It was sending my autism bonkers to not do it. So hopefully, this will be making more sense for everyone. Lyn.

3rd November 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

It's been several months since these fools have come back into my life again thanks to the Kingsley's telling Reid where I now live, the rotten stinkers.

I stuck to my guns too about staying where I was. Even if I could have come back to Emmett, there wasn't a house there for me that was kitted out for my disabilities. Not even Reids even if he could have had it adapted for me.

I didn't want to go out and buy one either.

Plus I liked the serenity with the situation of this one that I now live in out in the hills as it was. Of a night, I could see the vague glow of city lights far off in the distance towards the south that showed me the direction of Emmett and Boise.

Of course, the closest lights I could see was little sparkle of the closest town to me that I lived outside of, but up in the hills. It was called Horseshoe Bend. It's a nice, but small kind of place and the locals are really great.

It wasn't too big of a place, and it wasn't that small that I didn't have what I needed. The majority of what I needed to do workwise was down in Boise which was just on the other side of Emmett.

It's amazing when you think about it that I didn't run into anyone that I knew from back home not once. But then, I would have only done that if they had been at the hospitals and therapy centres on certain days.

But that's all neither here nor there now that Reid and Jack have found me again. Thanks to the Kingsleys. It made me want to drive all the way across the country to go visit them and throttle them. I really did. But I also knew that I couldn't do it all all my own either, darn it.

I had to settle for giving them a blistering phone call which only had them laughing at me. Before hanging up, they asked for an invite to the wedding damn it. That set me right off again with me calling my so called lawyers exactly what they were. Bloody vultures, blood sucking leeches. That only made them laugh even harder.

Then I made sure that they were going to be attending a bbq this weekend down here. I missed them and demanded their presence. They said they'd be here bright and early.

"Effing lawyers." I muttered to them before hanging up on their damn laughter.

At the moment I was getting ready to attend the hospital down in Boise to see about a young lady who had been hurt in an accident resulting from a drunk driver who should have never been on the road.

Her family had been killed in the accident and they have diagnosed her with an ABI but aren't too sure just how much of an impact it will have on her life. That's where I come in at first. How she will react from this first visit will give us an idea as to how much she is willing to do therapy to try and get back to normal, if she can that is.

At the moment, she is one very angry teenager who looks to be making life hell for everyone. So they called me and gave me a little bit of info about my new patient, Bella.

Bella Jones.

Or as her forms say, Bellamy Antonia Jones. Sixteen years old and an only child. Now she was an orphan so I could imagine how she feels. She's alone and injured in a place that is totally unfamiliar to her with strangers catering to all of her needs.

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