9- End Of Training

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Artemis' PoV:

I was really getting tired of this male. If he was not made a god, I would have already fed him to my wolves. He was calmly eating some crackers like all the problems in this world will just disappear by applying some ChizWiz. At least he could make less sounds while eating! But he had to eat like a walrus and burp like a lion after a big meal! Ugh! Disgusting males! However, what really got me going crazy was that I found him cute while eating like a pig. I must lack sleep or else I would never get that thought of a male. It was not until he looked up, flashed that goofy grin and asked that dumb question did I feel like tying him up and sending him to Tartarus to rot.

"So what's up?" Perseus asked casually.

"Do you want to die?" I asked him with a death glare.

"You're always asking that but I'm still alive." He said in a matter-of-fact way. Steam came from my ears as I prepared to summon my bow.

Finally, Chiron cut off the tension. "Please Lady Artemis and Lord Perseus, let's turn to the more important matters now." Perseus sat straight and focused his attention on the centaur. Seems like Chiron has an effect on that thick head.

"Very well." I said. "Since Perseus is still new, he doesn't have a place to stay at so we'll stay in Camp Half Blood for a while. Also, I'm in charge of his training and I think this will be a good place to train him." At this, Chiron's face darkened. "This afternoon, my hunters will come here for some rest, so I want the campers to behave. Those are the most important matters right now." Chiron nodded at me with a grim face. Whenever the hunters came here, it never ended good so I understood the look of the old centaur. "Don't worry Chiron. I'll make sure that there will be no casualties, although it will also depend on the cooperation of the campers.

"Thank you Lady Artemis. I'll inform the campers." Chiron said with a slightly more relaxed face.

"Umm..." I momentarily forgot Perseus' presence that I got surprised when he spoke. "Can we stay somewhere the hunters are not present?" He asked quietly. I smirked. Even though he had the nerve to fight back at me, he was afraid of my companions.

"No can do. We'll have the training here and my hunters will help me. Sometimes, great force is needed to tame a wild wolf that doesn't know how to shut his mouth." Perseus turned pale. I was satisfied to see him lose.

"Guess I'll die even before I can do anything as a god." He huffed.

"So... I wish luck in your training Lord Perseus." Chiron stood up. "Lady Artemis, I'll go at once to inform my campers." I nodded at him and he galloped away. Then I faced Perseus.

"Boy! Let's go now. We still have some training to finish." I grinned evilly.

Percy's PoV:

It was obvious that this day would end badly. I might end up in the infirmary, in the best case scenario, or I might end up dead. It all depended on my skills, which I don't know much about. I followed Artemis into the camp's small arena where a bunch of kids were sword fighting. I saw Artemis snap her fingers and the kids appeared on the seats for spectators. Artemis turned around to me with a cruel smile.

"For today, they will be our audience." Two daggers appeared in her hands. "Choose the weapon of your like. Your only goal is to beat me, which you can't, with everything you have."

"Hey! Don't be so full of yourself. I can beat you." I said with grim determination. Now that there were people watching, I could not lose. That would be downright embarassing.

"Enough talk." She said in an irritated tone. "Let's fight and see who wins." She readied her stance and I uncapped Riptide. The only thing I can do is first defend myself and observe her. Then, I will turn her own moves on her. When it came to battle, my mind worked sophisticatedly making up plans and such which amazed me since I am pretty dumb in other things. Well, I gotta admit it. Then I focused my attention on Artemis.

"Three... Two... One..." She counted then came at me with blazing speed.

Her first strike was aimed at my abdomen so I parried her strike and pushed her blade away. I aimed at her arm but she jumped back and suddenly her bow appeared in her hand. I was tempted to complain but I focused on the fight. She aimed an arrow at me and let it sail with blazing speed. I cut the arrow in half with my sword and charged at Artemis. She took out her daggers and charged at me. I deflected her strike and rolled away. Then, I slashed at her arm and flicked her dagger away causing the crowd that had gathered a while ago to cheer. I smirked when I saw her look at me with disbelief and anger.

"Do I win now?" I asked her.

"I still have another dagger idiot! You cannot beat me that easily!" She growled at me.

"Okay then." I shrugged.

Then she charged at me. I decided to use my powers so I sank into the ground and appeared behind her. She turned too late as I pinned her to the ground. My sword was dangerously hovering over her neck. She just stared at me with shock. I got up and offered my hand to her but she slapped it away and got up on her own.

"Fine! You win for now. But next time, I'll make sure to beat you into a pulp." She snapped at me. I grinned at her.

"So that means training is over?" I asked her eagerly. She didn't reply but flashed away. I just stared at where she was a while ago. So much for being nice to her... Then suddenly, I felt a hand land over my shoulder. I looked at the owner of the hand.

"Hey dude! Nice going back there!" Said a friendly voice which belonged to a blonde teenager with strikingly blue eyes.

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Date Published: November 3, 2016
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