Fall's Trios...

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Fall: Eeyyyyyy!!! Where my Trio's at??

Ivvy and RS: *pop out from the corner* EYYYYYY!!!

End and Lilia: *pop out from other corner* EYYYYYY!!!

Prussia and Sealand: *pop out from a bush* EYYYYYY!!!

America: ... Fall who are these trios...?

Fall: Ivvy and RS are my Lazy Trio *high fives them both*

Fall: Lilia and End are my Insane Trio *fist bumps them both*

Fall: And finally Prussia and Sealand are my Rejected Trio *gives them both a dollar for Ice Cream*

America: ...............

Fall: Problem kiddo?

America: One, I'm older then you physically and in actual years so don't call me kiddo. Two, can we make a Freedom Trio...?

Fall: Who's the third?

Freedom: *kicks down the door* FREEDOM IS HERE!!!!

Fall: WHOO!!!

Germany: ... Can ve get back to zhe meeting now...?

Everyone in Fall's trio + Fall: *looks at him* No. *starts talking again*

Germany: Ve never get anyzhing done anymore....

AmericaFreedomJones = Freedom
Ivvy_E_Grace = Ivvy
RussiaSunflower = RS
EndtheCreeper = End
LiliaGaming = Lilia

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