Celebrity Interview: Chapter Twenty-Seven: An Interesting Turn of Events

After the boys had left with glares over their shoulders’, Niall and I cleaned up while Kevin went to do his actual job. It nearly took an hour to get all the hand creme residue off the laminated floors, but we were still in mirth at seeing their faces. Even if we did need to get on all fours to clean every nook and cranny of the room, it was worth it when we took a break to watch the video on YouTube.

By the time we were finally finished, it was noon and both of our stomach’s were growling. We decided to make our way to Sarah’s Kitchen before everyone else got there, and he stood up from where we were still sitting next to our cleaning equipment. He grabbed the bucket of water with the two rags in it and reached down for my hand. Smiling at him after he had helped me up, I intertwined our fingers together before we made our way out of the room and down the hall to drop the bucket and rags off at the janitor’s closet.

After that had been done and the janitor, this time named Stanley, had thanked us for all the work he didn’t have to do, we practically ran to Sarah’s Kitchen hand-in-hand. When we pushed the doors open, we were thankful to only see Harry getting food and a girl sitting in the corner with her fingers typing on her phone. Not seeing any reason not to, we grabbed a plate and went to sit down as Harry did the same.

I sat down at the table, leaving a place between Harry and I. I was pretty sure that he would try to get me back, and I was trying to look at every opportunity to not get hit with anything; this time around, a plate of pork chops and mac n’ cheese.

I started to eat before noticing that the girl sitting behind her phone was now sharing a plate of food with Harry. I put down my fork and swallowed before slowly turning to Harry.

“What’s up, lover boy?”

He looked over and then his eyes narrowed as he muttered, “No good slip n’ slide.”

“It wasn’t a slip n’ slide.” I corrected him automatically. “It was hand creme, and only the best.”

He stuck out his tongue childishly and the girl in front of him laughed with me.

“Real mature, Styles.” It was the first time I had heard her speak and I already liked her.

“Aw, shush.” he pursed his lips in slight annoyance but ended up smiling at her.

“Who’s your girlfriend?” Niall said, emphasizing the word “girlfriend” with a grin.

She stuck out her hand. “I’m Hannah.”

Hannah was pretty to say the least. She had an hourglass figure and seemed proud of it, and had all the confidence I liked to think I had. She had brown eyes, but they were more of a hazelnut color than a root beer color of sorts.

He shook her hand and nodded at her. “Horan. Niall Horan.”

She laughed and then did the most unexpected thing; she snorted.

I began to laugh now, not because Niall had made a James Bond reference but that she had snorted and was now blushing.

“I love it!” I said through my laughter. After I had stopped laughing, I turned my head to Niall and dropped my amused face. “Shaken, not stirred.”

“You don’t even drink!” Niall said playfully.

“You mean you’ve never seen me drink.” I corrected him.

His expression turned thoughtful and he turned back to his food with a mystified look on his face. I could only imagine his thoughts.

I turned to Hannah and smiled at her expression. She was looking between Niall and I with a look that said, “Oh! Duh.”

“I’m Ray-Ray.” I finally introduced myself.

She nodded and gestured towards Niall and I. “I figured.”

I laughed. “Are you Harry’s girlfriend then?”

Harry choked on his mac n’ cheese and she leaned over to thump him on the back. “You okay?” she asked, her eyebrows creasing.

He nodded and went back to eating slowly.

After we had finished eating, Niall, Harry and I bid Hannah goodbye so that we could make our way to rehearsals.

“I wish you could watch.” Harry said.

“I’m sure she could if she wanted to.” I interjected. “It’s not like it’s top-secret.”

“Hey!” Niall protested. “What happens in rehearsals stays in rehearsals.”

I raised my hands halfway. “Sorry, sorry!”

He shrugged and wrapped his arms behind me, connecting his fingers around my stomach and put my shoulder in between his neck.

“My neck is biting you.” He said.

His tone was so nonchalant that it took me off guard and I reeled before laughing. “What in the world is wrong with you?”

I could feel him shrug, but that was the only answer I received.

Hannah ended up coming along with us, which I didn’t mind and neither did Jerry. Niall didn’t mind either seeing as he swung her around before doing any actual work. I laughed at him, but couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy at seeing him laugh with her.

“So, where did you get her?” I asked Harry as we all slid down the wall to drink water.

“What are you asking?” his eyes narrowed.

"Where did you find her?" I enunciated it, earning a scowl from Harry.

He shrugged. “But to answer your question, I got her from the concert last night. She’s visiting her cousins here and I- I don’t know. I like her.”

I nodded and smiled at him. “I’m glad. Just don’t string her along.”

He looked down at the ground, seeming to think but nodded.

I got up and went towards Niall who was laying on the ground in the middle of the room.

I guess you could call those an interesting turn of events.

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Funny Niall moments because this is, after all, a Niall fanfiction. Plus, I'm a Niall girl so there.


I laughed way to hard at this one.


It's a short story. You'll have to be surprised though... =)

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