Memories Back Then~ Part 4 {Jaebum FF}

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"I don't get how you could look me in the face and lie, knowing it'd hurt me a lot more then the truth,"

Summary: Jaebum was an ex of yours. He was your one and true love who hurt you at the end. Took you a while to move on from him and as soon as you thought you could move on, there he is.... What will happen??

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You smiled to yourself. You had more good memories than bad with that boy. You guys treated each other like best friends but also as lovers. You looked at your phone hoping he would text you at least once but nope... nothing.

What are you going to do? You looked at the couple and then looked back at your phone...

Have you finally made up your mind?


Your boss decided to let you out earlier than planned since business was very slow. In a way you were thankful because you were so out of it. All you've been thinking about was whether you were going to forgive Jaebum and start all over or let him go.

You arrived home and without even doing anything else and you laid down on your bed and looked up at your ceiling. Why are you so confused? Why couldn't this decision be easy? Why did you have to meet him? Not that you regret ever being with him but you wouldn't be here confused as hell on your bed debating if you should stay with your true love or not.

The day you met him was a good day, it was an accident but you both clicked instantly.

"Can you put your phone down for once?" your best friend complained as you looked down hoping to win tickets to your favorite artist.

"No, I can't! I need to win these tickets even if it kills me," you said as you continued to look down at your phone.

"You invited me here to bond and instead here you are glued to your phone," your best friend complains and you looked at her.

"I'm sorry, but look let me just try to win these tickets and then as soon as I win them I will put my phone down and pay attention to you, I promise." you said looking at her and she finally gives in.

"Fine, if you need me I am going to go tan, I'm pale as hell," she complains and you nodded and continued to walk as you looked down at your phone.

You kept looking at the time on your phone waiting for it to strike 3 to call the radio. Little do you know you've been so distracted to your phone you didn't even notice someone in front of you till you bumped into them.

You looked up and your eyes widen. The first thing you noticed was the person you just bumped into. They had ice cream and since you weren't paying attention you made the person's ice cream stain his shirt. His white shirt....

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" you said looking at the person's shirt and then looked up looking at the person's face.

He looked at you and you couldn't help but to blush. That's always your first reaction when you meet an attractive boy. Of course you've just destroyed a cute boy's shirt, just your luck.

"It's okay," he says looking at his shirt and then back at you. "How much was the shirt, I can pay for it. I am so sorry," you said pulling out your wallet and you hear him laugh.

You looked at him confused and he just smiles. "What's so funny?" you asked him confused as hell. "You don't need to pay me for my shirt, I have plenty of white shirts," he says and you awkwardly laughed.

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