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Welcome to a useless blog written by an introvert who sometimes needs to get things off her chest because speaking to people in real life about it sounds exhausting and terrifying.

As someone who tends to keep her mouth shut, stand in the corner of the room and observe those around her, I have this issue with keeping my problems to myself though I normally try to help others with theirs.

Like everyone else, there are times when I get very happy and wish to share glorious news. There are times when I get sad and need to talk about it, ask for advice or even hope that writing will help me better understand the situation. There are times when I get so infuriated that committing man slaughter sounds like the best option but, I choose to write because the jail time doesn't seem worth it. This blog of mine will be made up of mostly that, random things or opinions that I wish to write about or even stories that are either sad, aggravating, happy, scary or embarrassing that I think others would like to hear!

Writing makes me happy. It is the one thing I feel I can actually do. Sometimes I just need to rant to make it through the day, the week, the year and this shall be my place to do it. I know I could always keep a personal journal but, why do that when I can share it and maybe even help someone else going through the same or a similar situation?

Hopefully by reading what happens to me, maybe you can relate, maybe it will bring a smile to your face, maybe it will relieve your anger, maybe it will make you laugh or decide to try something new. It's better to share when there's a chance that sharing may make someone else feel brighter, don't you think?

We all feel a little alone sometimes, maybe after reading some of this you won't feel that way anymore...or you'll shake your head at the idiocy that can sometimes be my life.

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