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*Fallen meeting AKA where the different versions of me come together to solve severe problems*

Fall- 1P!- FallenHero
Rise- 2P!- RisingVillain
Hero- Nyo!- HeroFallen
Villain- 2P!Nyo!- VillainRising
Neutral- 3P!- NeutralMortal
Mortal- 3P!Nyo- MortalNeutral
Standby- 4P!- StandbyImmortal
Immortal- 4P!Nyo- ImmortalStandby

Demons, Angels, etc, are not included in the meetings cause they can't leave their realms


Fall: Okay guys!! Time for the meeting to start!! Everyone here?

Rise: Yes I checked, everyone is present.

Neutral: *snorts* what's this all about you little whiny bastard.

Fall: RUDE!!

Standby: ...

Hero: Let's get on with it please! I don't wanna be here longer then I have too...

Neutral: *flips Hero off*

Hero: Hey-

Immortal: *glares at all*

Everyone: ...

Fall: Anyways the problem is is that we need some new fanfics to put out on this account! Any ideas?

Neutral: Sorry I couldn't hear you, your voice is too irritating that my brain naturally blocked it out.

Fall: DUDE-

Rise: Now now, no need to fight.

Standby: *huffs*

Hero: Have somethin' you wanna say Standby?

Standby: *looks at Immortal then at everyone else* ...what about that book idea you had called, 'Pirates, Cowboys, and Ninjas, don't mix well'

Fall: Mmmmm yeah I was looking into that but I found I've lost some interest

Immortal: What about that one book.

Fall: ??

Villain: I believe he meant the 'Defend Your Home' book.

Fall: Right right, well I still need ideas-

Hero: *slams hand on the desk* DEATH!!!!

Rise: Why must everyone die?? Can't they live happily?

Hero and Fall: *both staring in shock*

Hero: a... happy ending....?

Fall: that I wrote......?

Fall and Hero: ....

Both: *burst out laughing*

Fall: That's a funny joke right there!! Pfft! A happy ending!! HAHAHA!!

Hero: IKR!!! Like, us, write a happy ending?? That's fucking hilarious!!

Fall: Totally!! Hahaha!!

Everyone else: ....

Neutral: Well I think you could have a mix of both.

Fall: ??

Mortal: Yeah, you could do both or something like that. Switch it up a bit

Hero: *intense glare* people still die though... right?

Mortal: *puts hands up* yes yes that's a great idea people can still die... hehe... don't hurt me...

Hero: *snaps out of it* sounds interesting.

Fall: We could do one with Aliens

Hero: And they destroy the world or something fucked up like that!!

Fall and Hero: *high five and walk away* sounds like a plan!! Thanks guys!!! *leave*

Everyone: ....


America: *watching from a vent with the rest of the Axis and Allies* wtf....

England: I don't want to keep being in stories where we all die...

America: Dude at least you're not her favorite character....

Germany: Ja, zhat vould suck.

Standby: *stands up and pulls out a gun then starts shooting at the vent* TRESPASSERS!!! KILL THEM!!!

Countries: *screaming as they try and crawl through the vent*


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