~Ty's POV~

Story time.



The 2 words won't stop repeating themselves in my mind. It sounds so familiar yet so unknown. I sit down in the snow despite my butt getting wet and comtemplate my options.

I take the piece of paper and stuff it in my pocket, making my way back to the apartment.

I open the door and I'm bomarded by Adam. "What happened?" He asks me, concerned. I blankly hand him the piece of paper and he anyalyzes it quickly. He looks back up with a face of horror. Not something you'd expect from him.

His eyes lower again and he thinks. "Story time." He says at last.

What he doesn't realize is that this brings bad memories, when my mother left. I felt so lonely, just like I do now.

I repress the feeling of sadness and look back at Adam, "What do you think it means?" I ask him. Mitch and Jerome walk up behind Adam, "What's wrong, dude?" Jerome asks Adam.

Adam sighs and hands Jerome the paper. Jerome reads it and hands it off to Mitch. Mitch finishes reading it and has a confused look on his face, "What?" he asks, just like the rest of us.

I shrug, still not knowing the answer.

The question is, will we ever know the answer?

~Sarah's POV~

My body shoots up from the cold, hard pavement, utter shock filling my body. My head is pounding and I raise my hands up defensivley.

My eyes shoot around nevoursly and my palms are sweaty. I take a deep breath to calm myself and re-scan the area. The second time I notice steel bars surrounding me.

What the f***? Am I in jail? I didn't do ANYTHING illegal!

I run up to the bars only to be pushed back by an unknown force before hitting them. I shake my head from confusion and lay on the ground.

Someone who I couldn't make out emerges from the darkness, their face still hidden. "I finally found you." he tells me in a husky voice, all too familar.

He doesn't need to reveal his face, I already know who he is. "Great job, you want an award?" I ask him sarcastically. "An award would suffice." he replies, smirking.

I let out a long breath and continue, annoyed. "Cocky, are we not?" I say, tilting my head, similar to that of a dog. He turns without answering, grabbing a wood saw from the shelf behind him. He throws the saw perfectly between the bars.

He opens the jail cell-like door and manages to pick up a large log, he shoves it in and it rolls to almost crush me. "Cut." He tells me as he shuts the door and makes his way back to the staircase on the other side of the room.

I mutter to myself, "You sick, sick human." before sawing off the wood, piece by piece. I mumble too myself as I work, keeping myself company.

"I'd never think he'd want to see me again."


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