Starting something new

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It's 2013. Beautiful fall looking upon the capital city. Leaves falling down on people in all kinds of different colors. There are two young souls on the opposite sides of the city, but their minds are on the same page. They are both thinking about their Facebook messages.

Elizabeth Ellie Amary is a bright and pretty 18-year old modern girl. Trying to become someone. She just started college. And this is her big chance. She is and ordinary girl, a bit chubby and not that tall, but there's something about her long brown hair and those big brown eyes full of sadness and disappointment that has to make you look at her when she passes by. The most magic is her smile. It covers all the pain in her heart so she seems to be the happiest person in the world in this hard times. Between all the studying, getting used to college life and thinking about a fight between her heart and her brain, she found a time to meet a great guy. Sitting in front of her every day.

Jonathan Johnny Bellumy. He's everything she's not. Popular and confident young man walking through hallways with his head high. She immediately noticed him and his dark brown short hair perfectly framing his flawless face. His great posture and athletic body makes him even more superior to others. At first, she wasn't able to look at him, she was that shy. He said "hi" a couple of times and than gave up. She just wasn't responding friendly as she was supposed to. 

One boring day on collage, he asked the whole group for some materials. Nobody had them. Except her, but she didn't say anything. Instead, she went home and gone nuts about whether she should contact him or not. She didn't want to start the conversation that will die two hours later. Finally, when she gained the courage, she turned on her laptop, logged in on Facebook and send him a message. "I have it. The materials you wanted." - Her message was simple as that. Ellie was so scared and nervous while she was waiting for the response. She felt like she contacted the president himself, not some regular guy.

Few hours later, his message popped out: "Thanks, but I've already found what I needed. :)" Ellie stared at his message wondering what to write next. This was her chance to start talking to him and Ellie was not going to waste it. She mentioned that the football game is on. She thought she couldn't go wrong with football and guys. And that's how they started. The rest of it is history.

They were becoming good friends, but Ellie and Johnny had some problems in communication. The problem were their new college friends. She hung out with all the girls and he with the guys. It's a miracle that they survived their surroundings. Nobody was particularly happy with them even talking to each other. So they were meeting up in the hallways when nobody was around, they smiled to each other across the classroom or the cafeteria... Their relationship became only virtual. Facebook was their salvation. Ellie was always sad about it, she wanted to take it to the new level. She didn't really have expectation about them but she wanted to be his friend. She wanted to be more than that but he was, and still is, in a relationship.

The two of them never got the chance to be on chat in the same time but both of them always responded in the shortest possible time. When Ellie saw his message, her face made a weird curve. Simple and honest smile. Something her body didn't do for a very long time. For the first time her heart wasn't listening to her mind. Most of her life she was lead by her common sense, her mind. She was fine like that. It was easier for Ellie not to feel anything, less chance there was to be hurt. But everything was changing now. She started to like this sweet brown-eyed boy and there was nothing she could do. But... Her mind knew he was taken so she had to be satisfied with them being just friends. And it was like that. It was enough just having him in her life. As a friend.

Jonathan was more brave than her. He started a conversation in front of everyone in college a couple of times but that always lasted for just a few minutes. Maybe not even that long. He saw Ellie was shy and very uncomfortable so he didn't push it. He was a gentleman like that. His thoughts were always on his girlfriend and his family. He moved to the other city just to study and he really missed them. Elizabeth was his only girl friend in college and he thought of her as only that - a friend. No matter that, he was always happy to see or hear from her.

There's nothing now that can change their friendship. They just clicked. It was like at first sight... Or first text message. They can only move forward from now on... Or...? 

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