"Yeah why not. Maybe they'll be good." I agree. We enter the canteen and grab our food - I choose a few pizza slices and chips and Summer gets some of the shepherds pie and chips. "What band is it?" Summer shrugs but I feel like she is holding back information. I can tell by the look in her eyes. What isn't she telling me?

After paying for our food, Summer and I go outside where we spot Charlotte happily eating her lunch. As soon as we join her, the conversations kick off while we munch away, of course the main topic of interest is the band which will be performing later.

"So why do you think there is a band playing? It's probably student band because I doubt that Rightsworth would book a random band to come in and play." Charlotte laughs.

"Yeah, it probably is students. Maybe they're trying to get their name out there or they're doing it for fun." I shrug.

"I wonder how good they are." Summer says while stroking her imaginary beard. I laugh and shake my head because she looks crazy.

Matt comes over with Tom, both carrying plates of food. They sit down next to us and start eating their lunches. I can't help but wonder why they aren't with the other boys. I shake the questionable thoughts out of my head because we are friends so why can't they sit with us? Charlotte automatically includes them into our conversation, asking them about their thoughts on having a band playing. I must admit, it feels good to sit in the group like I used to ... there is just one person missing.

"Who is that?" Tom smirks. I look in the direction that he is looking in to see my best friend walking through the gates.

"Oh my god!" I jump up and run over to her. As soon as Jenna spots me she runs towards me. We embrace as soon as we meet, rocking back and forth and holding each other as though our lives depend on it. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too." I know that people will probably be judging and watching us but I couldn't care less. We break apart and laugh. Summer, Charlotte, Tom and Matt are watching with happiness evident on their faces - they must've walked over to us while Jenna and I were hugging. I introduce Jenna to them.

"It's good to see that smile on your face again Jessie." Matt smiles before saying hello to Jenna. "Shall we show you to Mr Rightsworth's office?" Jenna nods, linking her arm with mine. As we walk towards the head's office we tell her about the band who'll be performing - well, we tell her what little information we know.

"We have to check them out!" Jenna says excitedly with wide eyes. She loves to watch people play music whether it's a busker on the streets or an artist on the stage.

Summer's PoV

We leave Jenna and Jessica to go into Mr Rightsworth's office. Tom, Matt, Charlotte and I hang around outside.

Summer: Jess is with Jenna, they're currently in the head's office then we will be going to the hall to see some band perform
Isaac: I am so nervous, what about if she doesn't take me back or if she sees me and walks away

Everyone knows how nervous Isaac is which is one of the reasons why we are helping him so much to try and win Jess back. I'm hoping Jess doesn't walk off when she see's Isaac so he can at least have the chance to apologise. It is so clear that they have feelings for each other and in class earlier Jess kept looking at Isaac and I could see the look in her eyes. It wasn't just an ordinary glance, her eyes lite up.

"Hopefully this plan will work. Isaac is really nervous so we just have to try and stop Jess from walking away."

"I hope this works too. For both of their sakes." Matt sighs.

"Don't we all."

Nathan: Isaac is bricking it I've never seen him this so nervous before

I laugh and awh quietly as I show the message to the others. The door to Mr Rightsworth's office swings open so I quickly shove my phone into my pocket. Jenna and Jess emerge with big grins on their faces.

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