Chapter 33

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Jessica's PoV

With every passing day I've been getting more and more excited. The thought of seeing my best friend again is so warming. Since I've moved to Monroe I have really missed her. Finally, today has arrived, Jenna should be arriving today at half past twelve! Mum is going to pick her up from the airport and dropping her off at school so I can introduce her to Mr Rightsworth. UnfortuNathanly she isn't allowed to stay today so at the end of lunch she's going back to mine so that she can unpack while I finish school.

I look at the clock in hope that more time has passed since the last time I looked but it turns out that only three minutes has gone by. It feels like so much longer. Its now twelve o'clock which means that it is ten minutes until lunch starts and thirty minutes until Jenna arrives.

"Someone is distracted today." Summer whispers to me. I have checked the clock numerous amount of times in the past half an hour alone. It's only because I'm so excited to see Jenna.

"Yeah Jenna's coming today." I whisper back. Summer, Charlotte and I have been talking a bit more over the past few days which I'm really happy about. I told them about Jenna coming to stay and attending school while she's here.

"Oh yeah." She smiles. "Well if you keep watching the clock then it's going to seem longer." She giggles. I nod knowing that she is right, my eyes wonder around the classroom landing on the blonde haired boy who seems to be giving up on me completely. Since I told Isaac to leave me alone after our meeting with Mr Rightsworth the other day, Isaac has stopped trying to speak to me completely. I can't blame him because I can't expect him to chase me forever but the idea of him getting over me hurts. Now that he's stopped trying to talk to me, I have realised just how much I need him.

"Jessica." My teacher forces my name through his gritted yellow teeth. "Pay attention, I know that it is nearly lunch but that is no excuse to start slacking now."

"Sorry sir." I mumble slipping back in my chair. My eyes drift across to Isaac again who is already looking my way. He smiles which I return, there is that smile which I miss so much. He's clearly getting over me though so I need to move on too. Ugh I need Jenna.

"Why?" Summer asks.

"Why what?"

"Why do you need Jenna?" I must've said that out loud, oops.

"Because," I stop because I'm not sure of how to phrase and organise my words. Instead I look over at Isaac again which basically tells Summer that he's the reason. She nods with a smirk on her face, probably able to understand what I mean.

"We walked in on him helping Kacey with his homework the other day. They actually looked quite cute. They are sibling goals." Summer giggles as she thinks back.

"Yeah he and Kacey can be quite cute together. They do fight but it is never anything too serious." I smile at the memories when I have been with Isaac and Kacey.

I feel my phone buzz but thankfully it doesn't make a noise. I carefully take my phone out of my pocket, trying not to make it obvious so I don't get caught.

Jenna: Off the plane and with your mum, I will see you soon
Jessica: See you soon

I shove my phone into my pocket just in time as our teacher dismisses us for lunch - those ten minutes went fast. I put my things into my bag and follow Summer out of the classroom. We go straight down to the canteen to grab some food.

"Oh did you hear about the performance today?"

"What performance?"

"A band is going to be playing a few songs in the hall, we should go with Jenna. They're starting just after she is due to arrive I think."

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