Pregnancy this, Pregnancy that

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"Lucas fucking Friar! Wake the hell up!" Is the first thing I hear when I am woken up by my wife who's about six weeks pregnant now, "What the fucking hell is this?!"

She's looking in the mirror at her stomach when I open my eyes and after I rub my eyes and fully allow myself to wake up, I see that she has a somewhat noticeable bump.

My lips instantly form this big happy smile. "That's our baby, and it's growing now."

Maya frowns, her hands still placed on her stomach. "This wasn't this big last time I looked in the mirror! What the — "

"Come here, just relax," I laugh, holding my arms open, "It's barely anything."

"Lucas, why is this happening?" She asks me and it makes me laugh some more that she's so shook that she can't even process it

"This is happening because you're pregnant, my little angel," I smile as she crawls up on the bed and takes a seat between my legs, "And it's so incredible."

"I'm even more scared now," I can just feel the tears about to rush from her eyes, "I don't want to let this stupid thing down but I can't do this."

I shelter her in my arms, bringing her in as close as possible. "It's ok, Maya. Come on, the past two weeks you've been so good, what's got you all like this?"

Maya cries into my neck and clutches the back of my shirt while doing so, while her quiet and soft voice mumbles. "It's just that this is happening and it's for real and my whole life is changing because of this thing."

"Shhhhh, shhhhhh," I rub her small back, "I know it's scary but you gotta be brave."

She begins to cry harder, sobs shaking her tiny fragile body. "What if I can't be brave? I can't be brave, I can't, this too much. I can't take care of a child, I can't even take care of myself yet, Lucas."

"Why do you act like you're doing this alone?" I whisper into her ear, "I'm right here."

"I don't know," Maya sniffles, pulling away from me and looking down at her stomach that has a slight baby bump, "It's just so fucking hard and scary."

"I know and it's going to be scary for a while," I hold her hands, lacing our fingers together, "But you have to realize I'm right here and I'm trying my hardest to help you."

A little smile threatens to show on her lips but she hides it. "I realize that, and I'm lucky that I have you. You have no idea how lucky I am."

My hands find her small waist and I lift her up so she's standing over me with her stomach in my face. "I love you and our baby more than anything, Maya."

I press my lips to the smooth skin of her stomach earning the most adorable sound ever to fill the room, Maya's little giggle. "I love you too, Hopalong."

"Tell me you love our baby," I look up at her, "I know you do and I want you to admit me."

She takes a seat back down on my lap. "You can't force me to admit anything."

A challenging little smirk on her face is what makes me begin to tickle her in all of her most ticklish spots making the room fill with her laughter.

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