BTS V stigma theory

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At the beginning of stigma he says  ''I've been hiding it, I tell you something, just to leave it buried,  now I can't endure it anymore'' he could mean he has a deep secret and he want's to get it off he's chest after hiding it for so long but each time he tries he ends up leaving it buried in the back of his mind but now it's bothering him to the point where it feels like it could be eating him alive and he can't endure the pain of keeping it within himself. He could feel that the weight of the secret is breaking him apart and he is slowly collapsing.

''Why couldn't I say it then, I have been hurting anyway, really I won't be able to endure it''. Like before he couldn't say what it was that was buried so deep in the back of his mind. He feels like he should have said it even if it all went downhill because he's in pain anyway and he needs some sort of relief because he can't withstand the pain.

''Now cry, it's only that i'm very sorry towards you, again, cry because I couldn't protect you'' he's giving reasons as to why that family member should be mad and upset with him and he's giving more reasons as to why he should be disliked.

''Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper, like pieces of broken glass that I can't reverse. Deeper, it's just the heart that hurts everyday'' the pain he feels is described as a wound and as time passes the pain increases and he also compares it to broken glass. He is maybe implying that he is so broken and the wound is that deep that he can never be fixed again.

'' You were so fragile and you received my punishments instead of me'' maybe someone who also knew about his secret was already in a rough patch and was very fragile and they got the blame and had to face his punishment and he was left alone, watching them go through it.

I hope you like this theory of stigma it will be continued in the next part soon :)

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