Chapter 1

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Amber Greenaway clicked down the list of her e-mails as she polished off her third donut that morning.

"Girl, if you don't lay off those donuts you're going to become one."

She looked up from her computer to find Benita, her best friend and assistant, standing in the doorway.

"I can't help it! You know I crave sweets when I'm stressed and this latest mess has created enough stress to choke me!" I told her dramatically.

Benita came in and sat down with a sigh, crossing her legs.

"I know Chica, but all that sugar isn't good for you all the same. Hey, I know. They just put in a new club...thingy a couple of blocks down. You should check it out! It's called 'Rook's... something or other...I think." Benita said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Me?" I pointed at myself as I gave her an incredulous look. "Girl, you know I hate to sweat! Why would I go to a gym and sweat on purpose?"

Benita threw her head back and laughed before saying, "Because you love, love, love that skirt you're wearing and came in this morning grumbling about how tight it's getting."

I pouted as I looked down at said skirt. It was blood red and I'd parred it with my favorite black blouse and black peep-toe stiletto pumps. This morning though, I'd barely been able to zip it and I hated that Benita was right!

"Fine, so I've put on a few pounds but...the gym?" I whined as I looked back up at her.

"Yes, the gym! You'll have a rockin' body in no time because you're far from fat, you just need to tone what you have a bit! AND you can stare at half naked bodies like a hussy at the same time! It's a win, win situation." Benita said with a smirk.

The idea of the half-naked men sounded good, I guess.

I sighed, I'd been without a boyfriend almost a year now and the closest I'd come to a bare chest was in a magazine article advertising men's boxers!

Blast Benita for being right!

I poked another piece of donut in my mouth as I stared at her defiantly. She raised an eyebrow at me.

After chewing and swallowing, I huffed and then said, "Fine, you win."

Laughing Benita stood up and left me to my pout and my desk full of paperwork.


Five o'clock came WAY to early because I knew Benita wasn't going to let me off from going and checking out the new gym!

"Hey, are you headed out now? Don't forget to stop by the gym, it doesn't close until ten!" Benita called on her way out the door.

And I was right!

I gave a sigh as I trudged to my car and threw my stuff in the back before getting inside.


Ten minutes later, walking into the, very fancy, gym called 'Rook's Fitness Center', I looked around in awe. It was so far from what I had in my mind it was unreal!

The foyer was carpeted and there was a HUGE chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I felt like I was walking into some elite hotel instead of a gym!

"Hello ma'am, may I help you this evening!"

I looked over at the bubbly blond girl standing behind a counter and cleared my throat.

"Ah...yes, well, I..."

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