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"Joshua, could you please read the first paragraph for the class" Mrs. Black said catching the pink haired boys attention.

Anxiety and fear welled up in the pink haired beauty's chest as the whole class seemed to look at his direction.

He nodded nervously his eyes scanning the page that seemed to be jumbled and all mixed.

"This E-ex...exposi..expository ..uhm wr-writ-writing a...az..azsing...azzing..." Josh stuttering looking at the last word puzzled. What did azzignemt mean? Was that even a word.

"It's assignment" a voice whispered from beside Josh making him turn to the voice.

"U-uhm...assignment..." Josh said looking nervously at the brunette headed boy who had helped him who flashed him a thumbs up in return.

"S-str...uhm...stri...strives" The whole class snickered at Josh because he was missing simple words.

"That's enough" Mrs. Black said to the class as someone yelled out "dumbass can't even read".

Josh shrunk further into his seat, face growing hot with embarrassment.

"Joshua would you like to finish reading?" Mrs. Black asked and Josh instantly shook his head no.

She sighed then looked at around. "Tyler would you mind finish reading where Josh left off?" She asked.

Tyler nodded and picked up the paper. "To inform the chosen audience about the students goals; however , the paper is also somewhat reflective in nature as it asks the student to speak personally and subjectively about his/her goals" Tyler read with ease setting the paper down.

Josh was even more embarrassed. He could barely read four words ,while Tyler had just read the whole paragraph.

"Thank you Tyler, and Joshua" Mrs. Black said clapping her hands along with some students.

"Why Josh? All he did was mess up" a voice said and Josh felt tears well in his eyes as the class erupted in a fit of laughter.

"Just a idiot!" Another one called out.

Josh stood up walking out the classroom , tears falling down his cheeks.

Mrs. Black called out to him ,sighing when Josh slammed the door.


M'sleepy I just got home from a football game and I remembered I had to update.

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