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Justice's p.o.v

I looked down as i cried then i heard 'BOOM' i looked up and saw breauna on the floor and sam with a gun . he gave me a sly smile then came and untied me ( y'all thought sam was mean huh ?)

Me: i thought you left me here * crying*

Sam: bitch you stupid if you thought that you my ride or die bestie , we niggas for life .

I giggled at how ghetto he is .after he untied me he took some money out his pocket and gave it to me .it had to be atleast 6,000 dollars .

Me: sam i can't take this

I tried to give it back but he stopped me .

Sam: no take it need to get outta here the men will be back soon and i don't want you here .

I startes cryin at the thought of losing sam .

Me:*crying* no sam i can't go without you ....

Sam: yes you can *teary eyes* make up with madison and take care of Anthony ..... make me proud I'll look over you ....

Me: no sam please.....

Sam: leave *looks out the window* their here go through the back and hide behind a trash can .

I kissed him and pulled away then i ran through the back . i hid behind the trash can and soon i hearf arguing and then 'BOOM ' 'BOOM' 'BOOM' . i croed harder ......sam is gone .

A/n: aww I'm cryin real nigga tears ....

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