Charlie and the Wolf Pack {12}

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"Its Clarissa" Pam said handing me the phone.

"Hello, Claire's phone" I said.

"Who the hell is this and where is my sister?" Clarissa said.

"How soon we forget, you would think you'd still remember my voice, you know this really hurts my feelings cousin."

"Who the fu- Charlie" she said like she couldn't believe it was me.

"Ah you do remember me, so Rissa -I mean Clary, that's what you want to be called right? So how's it going?"

"You bitch! Where's my sister?"

"Nope you don't get to ask questions, you want this bitch back meet me tomorrow in the park four blocks from Chenango Forks-High School at midnight. Bring Marissa Handler and Dave Byrd with you then you can get your sister back, so think about it and let me know" I hung up the phone.

About twenty minutes later Olivia's phone rang it was Marissa.

"Hello" Olivia said into the phone.

"What the heel is going on over there? I haven't heard from Tanner and I'm told Charlie knows who I'm working with, she wants to meet me out there." 

"You sound scared honey, what's wrong you don't want to come and have a visit with me?" I asked.

"Ch -Charlie, what are you doing on Olivia's phone what have you done with her?"

"Don't worry about her right now, what you should be worried about is how your going to beat me. So I'll see you tomorrow" I hung up on her too.

"Is that the bitch!" Emma said coming into the basement shocking me. She took a step towards Claire then did something none of us saw coming. She kicked Claire so hard in the face it made me flinch.

"Oh shit, Emma" Pam said.

"Whoa, Emma what the hell" Connor said.

"I will kill that bitch I swear, I will kill her" Emma told us as she kicked Claire in the face again.

"Okay, Emma great work honey" I said.

"Yeah Emma, amazing. Someone has some wolf in her" Wade said.

"From that baby she's carrying we know she's had some wolf in her" Krystal said and I laughed.

"Okay Claire here's what going to happen, I know you guys are forty-five minutes from Della's but I want to know where, so start talking" I said. 

"I'm not telling you shit, you and your whole pack can kiss my ass" Claire said with her bloody face.

I walked close to her and her eyes went wide she was scared and she should have been I didn't play when it came to the safety of my family. So as hard as I could I stepped on her knee, breaking it. She screamed loud, it made my ears hurt. It was a good thing out closet neighbors were far.

"May I talk to her?" Shawn asked and I nodded.

He walked over to Claire, bending down so he was at eye level with her. Shawn was mean looking in way that had people thinking twice before talking to him. Claire tired to scoot back away from him but she didn't get anywhere.

"Now little girl I'm only going to ask you once where the fuck are your sisters. And before you answer remember it was my youngest boy you bitches tried to kill."

Claire started shaking her head "I -I can -can't tell you where they are."

Well that was not what Shawn wanted to hear because he grabbed her by throat and held her in the air. It was sad to watch Claire turn blue and to see her twist and turn in Shawn's hand.

"O -o -ok -okay I'll tell you" Claire finally said.

Shawn let her drop to floor mind you he was taller than Connor, Shawn was about 6'4. Claire took her time gasping and sucking in as air as she could. 

"Sweetheart your wasting my time" Shawn said in a voice that was cold and dangerous, hell I almost took a step back.

"Castle Creek, off the I-81, the only house on the road" Claire said and I couldn't believe she actually told us. I shook my head.

"Shame on you bitch, you never tell on your family" Emma said. This girl just kept on amazing me.

"Leave her down here, Connor you want to put her in the cage?" I asked.

"Oh hell yeah" Connor said grabbing her by neck throwing her in the cage but not before Emma punched her in the face.

"Shit Emma, your dangerous girl, I like it" Danny said.

Once Claire was locked away like the dog she was Abby did a spell on the basement door so Claire couldn't hear what ever we're staying. We were in Nick's office, I was sitting at his desk with my feet up, thinking about him, hoping they were okay.

"So are we going to wait for them tomorrow?" Stephan asked.

"Hello no, can't you see it in her face, Charlie has a plan don't you Charlie?" Connor asked me.

"Oh yeah, guys I do I have a plan listen" I said and the human leaned in "Okay here's what we're gonna do."

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